About Mohamed

Hi everyone, I’m Mohamed and I’ve been into fitness for 10 years now. It started with basketball and then body building. I went to Pennsylvania College of Technology for personal training and gained lots of experience. I learned about cardio, muscle building, and nutrition.

I’ve had different physiques throughout my life. I’ve been skinny, skinny fat, fat, muscular. I’ve tried numerous muscle building programs including bodybuilding, power lifting and strength training. I’ve also tried many different diets and cardio workouts.

I created this site to help skinny guys pack on muscle. I’m naturally an ectomorph so I know the challenge of putting on muscle. To help you I’m going to share the vast knowledge and experiments I’ve tried in the field saving you trial and error.

My muscle building journey…

I started lifting weights at 15 & I’m currently 26. When I first started I was super skinny. I played basketball at least 5 hours a day. Due to my high energy expenditure it was almost impossible for me to gain weight.

I learned more about diet and how that would affect my results. I started experimenting with weight gainers and put on some pounds but I encountered a problem. I WASN’T PUTTING ON MUSCLE.

It wasn’t for a while that I finally found the winning formula.

I had to learn about how to combine a clean diet AND a muscle building routine.

Putting on muscle is an amazing experience and the way people will react to your success is really cool. You’ll get lots of respect from other men and women will appreciate you.

Hopefully I can help you reach your goals of gaining muscle and transforming your physique here at BonyMuscle.com

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions or comments.