Benefits Of Training With A Weighted Vest

The general purpose of a weighted vest is to add extra weight for the body to do the exercises like walking, running for a long distance and other weight lifting exercises.

A weighted vest is a vest made up of heavy materials or it is equipped with small pockets which can be filled with sand or any other materials like steel bars.

These vests add extra weight to our bodies and help to burn more calories.

These vests are used by the gym trainers and professional athletes for fitness purposes.

Using weighted vest during the sprinting and speed workouts helps in generating more power towards the ground and helps in the improvement of the strength and power of the body muscles.

It also increases the intensity of the exercise and helps to increase the bone density.

People who are interested in the Crossfit exercises preferably use a weighted vest for the best results.

Benefits of Using a Weighted Vest

There are numerous benefits using a weighted vest, these vests can be worn on a daily basis as it increases the metabolic rate.

Exercises done with weighted vest burn more calories compared to the normal exercise.

A weighted vest can also be worn while doing your household chores like gardening and other cleaning works done in the house so that you can lose more calories daily very easily without any hard workouts.

A weighted vest can be worn during cycling as it increases the metabolic rate of the body.

Wearing a weighted vest during the daily walking makes itself as an intense workout.

You can use 30-50lbs weighted vest during the walking.

Weighted vests make simple body exercises into a difficult one.

It also helps to save time, the calories burnt in the exercises done with a weighted vest is double the time taken during the normal workouts.

Weighted vests are used in plyometric training to toughen the muscles tissues and it also helps the nerves to respond powerfully.

Plyometric training is usually given to athletes, bike racers and also boxers.

Weighted vests play a major role in plyometric training.

Who Can Wear A Weighted Vest?

A weighted vest cannot be worn by everyone there are certain conditions to be followed while using a weighted vest.

The weighted vest should be worn by the people who do normal workouts regularly.

A person who has not tried any workouts on a daily basis is not allowed to wear a weighted vest for their workout.

It is necessary to check your general fitness before adding intensity to your workout.

The workouts differ every day, some days you do heavy workouts and sometimes very less so it is better to use weighted vest only when it is necessary.

It is necessary to focus on the workouts you do wearing a weighted vest and increase it gradually.

For a first timer adding a little weight also makes a huge difference.

It is good to start with 5lbs in the beginning and increase it gradually.

Adding more weights may cause strain to your joints and knees so it is necessary to use a weighted vest with proper instructions.