Best Ab Workouts for Men at Home (No More Mr Fat Guy)

Many men want six pack abs but the TRUTH is few get them.

For most men, the reason for failure is a lack of knowledge and consistent action.

If you’re a man looking for the best ab workouts to do at home you may have ONE piece of the puzzle.

Not quite there yet cowboy.

You see, to get a sizzled six pack there are two things you must do.

1. train the abs correctly.
2. eat right.

Number two above is the key factor. 

You’ll find many people in the gym doing 1000’s of crunches and ab roller reps but they’re diet completely sucks.

In this post, I’ll give you some of the best ab workouts for men at home and also a few tips for getting the diet side of things right.

Why Diet Is Important

Body fat percentage has to be below 10% for most men to see their abs.

You can have very strong ab muscles but if they’re covered with layers of fat you’ll never see them.

An improper diet makes it tougher to get our body fat % low enough to see the abs.

Back in 2009, I went to college at Penn State.

Upon arriving I was pretty muscular and had a decent six pack as well from years of playing basketball.

Well, during my freshmen year I gained at least 15 pounds.

I put on more fat than muscle and my abs completely disappeared.

At first, I thought it was due to a lack of training.

So I started hitting the gym and doing more and more ab workouts.

My abs were destroyed day after day but I still wasn’t able to see them.

I was really frustrated.

I did some research and discovered for my abs to show my body fat % had to be at a certain number, around or below 10%.

I started eating right and cut out the horrible processed foods.

No more pizza, chips or donuts.

Thankfully the cafeteria at school had lots of healthy choices like tuna, salads, chicken breast and whole wheat bread and pasta.

I started eating right and combined that with my rigorous basketball training.

The fat started to melt off :D!

Before long I was able to see my stunning six pack I was really excited.

But that was just the beginning of the confidence boost.

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One day, I was playing basketball with my shirt off against this team of towers.

These guys had at least 3 guys who were over 6’4.

Some way we managed to pull out a victory.

After beating them I jokingly said to one kid:

“You guys are too tall to be losing to us little guys”

He turned around laughing and said:

“You only beat us because of your six-pack abs!”

I can’t lie, it felt good hearing that.

People were noticing and I felt on top of the world.

The lesson here is to focus on eating right and burning fat. Once you get your body fat down around 10% your abs will become much more visible.

Now lets talk about training.

Best Ab Workouts For Men At Home

To be honest there are tons of workouts you can do at home to build your core.

The hard part is doing them consistently.

I’ll post a video below showing how to do them but remember you must commit to training for at least 6 months to see nice results.

One quick point.

When training the abs it's extremely important to stretch and squeeze when doing the exercise.

Merely going through the motions won’t get you the results you’re after.

A nice slow concentrated effort is whats required.

Squeeze those abs on every rep!

Watch the video below for the best ab workout

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