5 Best BCAA Supplements 2019

You’re reading this page because you want to use BCAAs to reach a specific fitness goal, right?

Well, there’s a bit of science behind effective supplementation and bodybuilding, but don’t let it put you off.

You certainly don’t need to become a mini scientist to understand the discipline.

You do, however, need to recognize a few basic concepts and terminology to get the best out of your workouts.

Before we review the supplements let’s first look at BCAA itself.

What Is BCAA—Exactly?

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BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids. And amino acids—in layman’s terms—are the building blocks of life. They’re what scientists call organic compounds, which come together to form proteins.

Protein synthesis is a term used to explain a biological bodily process. It’s where your individual cells build their particular proteins. This is one of life’s most fundamental natural processes.

If you’re building or trying to maintain lean muscles, you need protein synthesis going on.

Here’s how amino acids assist in bodily processes:

  • Break down (digest) food
  • Essential for growth
  • Repair damaged body tissue
  • Used as a source of energy
  • Perform countless other bodily functions

Your body contains a total of 20 amino acids. We can break these down into three categories:

  1. Essential amino acids
  2. Nonessential amino acids
  3. Conditional amino acids

BCAAs Supplements in a Nutshell

I could write an entire volume on the topic, but this page is not about blinding anyone with science. OK, so here’s what we’ve covered thus far in non-technical terms

  • BCAAs are a kind of essential amino acid
  • Amino acids make up proteins
  • Proteins make up muscle tissues

Essential Means Vital

Essential amino acids are vital because your body needs them but it cannot make them itself. There are nine essential amino acids in all, three of which you can get from BCAA Supplements.

The three essential amino acids found in BCAA Supplements include:

  1. Leucine: stimulates skeletal muscle protein synthesis, aids muscle-building
  2. Isoleucine: supports lean muscle-mass
  3. Valine: repairs tissue, provides energy, regulates blood sugar

Combined, these amino acids make up a total of 35% of your muscle mass. As with all “essential” amino acids, the only way to get them into your body is through ingestion.

For strength training and weight lifting, essential amino acids help with muscle growth and aid muscle recovery. This process is necessary for anyone, but it’s especially important for guys who lift weights.

BCAA Supplements are also useful in helping to reduce or prevent fatigue in rookie athletes.

Who Should Take BCAA Supplements?

Anyone who wants to reduce muscle breakdown during strenuous workouts should consider BCAA Supplements. They’re particularly good for supporting weight lifting sessions. They do this by speeding up tissue repair and post-workout recovery times.

There’s a good chance you already take a quality protein supplement like whey, for example. If so, you’ll most likely find that it already contains BCAAs to meet your body’s requirements.

Despite this, many athletes, weightlifters, and fitness buffs, still choose to take a quality BCAA supplement. They do this to makes sure they don’t fall short on their daily needs.

My Top Five BCAA Supplement Picks

Choices in BCAA supplements can be overwhelming for the novice, and every label promotes a superior product. That doesn’t mean it is top-quality, it just means the hype says it is.

The list below is my top five BCAA supplement recommendations that are currently on the market. I’ve put this list together carefully, based on ingredients, amount of BCAAs and any other amino acids (like nitric oxide and creatine). I also looked at brand recognition, taste, value, and feedback from users and professionals.

#1 Amino Build Next-Gen

This product comes loaded with many amino acid supplements. There’s BCAA, Strength Enhancer, Cell Volumizer, and also an Electrolyte Blend. It’s easy to mix, but some find it a bit on the sweet side.


#2 AminoFocus Energy Formula

This product is popular for anyone looking to boost mental focus, intense training, and promote better muscle growth. It’s also an ideal formula to take on non-workout days to assist maximum recovery.


#3 AMINOx by BSN

This refreshingly fizzy formula is a popular endurance & recovery stimulant-free supplement. It contains a unique blend of BCAAs and essential amino acids, or EAAs. The producers have designed AminoX to assist strength during workouts and also to aid muscle recovery post-workout.


#4 EVLution Nutrition BCAA 5000

Made from only the finest BCAAs, Evlution Nutrition has the ideal ratio of leucine to valine to isoleucine. It’s simple to mix and really helps you to recover quickly from an intense workout.


#5 In-Kaged

Anyone who needs a little help with driving performance in the gym should add-In-Kaged to their shortlist of BCAA supplements. It also helps with hydration, keeps your body fueled, and helps to keep the body in an anabolic state. There’s a lot going for this cutting-edge supplement.


Final Words

There are many other BCAA supplements available on the market, and more arriving all the time. You might want to explore them all, or keep things simple and consider something from the top five above.

Remember, not all makers of BCAA supplements create them equally.

First, you need to decide what you want from a supplement and then narrow down your choices based on those needs.