5 Best Casein Protein Powders

Why is casein protein powder the best choice for bodybuilding?

Casein is one of the best supplements created from dairy products. It takes more time for digestion and it gives amino acids very slowly to your body. The casein powder is recommended to take before sleeping, because it helps to protect you from breakdown while sleeping. The key feature of casein powder is it will develop the strength of the muscles and also it gives lot of benefits to your body. 

Usually, milk contains two types of products they are whey protein and casein protein. The main difference between them is whey protein easily digestible whereas casein protein takes time for digestion. Apart from that casein contains 80 percent milk protein but whey protein contains only 20 percent. Casein protein is similar to animal protein which has various bioactive compounds and unique proteins which helps for developing growth and to repair your body. There are two main types of casein protein powders available they are micellar casein and casein hydrolysates. The first type powder will have a slow digestion whereas the second has the property of pre-digestion and it tends to absorbs slowly. 

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The common benefits of casein protein powders

Let’s discuss some of the common benefits of having casein protein powders;

  • Improve the muscles growth
  • Antibacterial and develops the immune system
  • Reduce the triglyceride levels
  • Reduction in free radicals
  • Helps for reducing the fat. 

Improve the muscle growth: This protein powder is commonly used by the body builders and athletes. Your body can’t able to grow amino acids naturally so those persons take casein protein powders for the production of amino acids. In addition to amino acids it also gives leucine that helps for initiating the protein synthesis in your body. Researchers found that the person has increased muscle strength and decreased fat level while consuming this casein protein powders

Antibacterial and develops the immune system: It is mainly made for developing immune system and also it is antibacterial so that there won’t be many side effects while having it. It also reduces the blood pressure. 

Reduce the triglyceride levels: This has the property of reducing the triglyceride levels upto 22 percent even after the good meal. 

Reduction in free radicals: The protein powder has some of peptides and that peptide has antioxidant property. So the antioxidant effects help to fight against the growth of free radicals. 

Helps to reduce the fat: many surveys says that the person who was taking this casein protein powders regularly will have a fat loss greater than three times compared to placebo group. 

top 5 picks

Here are some of the recommended casein protein powders for having a good body;

  1. Apollon nutrition 50/50 formula x
  2. Optimum nutrition gold standard casein
  3. Nutrabiomicellar casein
  4. PES select protein
  5. Dymatizeelite casein.

These are some of the top casein powders you can get easily. All these products will be displayed with its properties, description and its uses. You can buy according to your body and needs. Before using those powders better consult the doctor and if everything is ok you can have it regularly.