The Ultimate Guide To The Best Crossfit Backpack

Crossfit is intense and demands toughness, sort of like going to war.

Like war, you'll need supplies to succeed.

Packing your clothes, sneakers, water bottles, supplements, and gear for the gym is a challenge and finding the best backpack for Crossfit isn't easy. 

With so many companies claiming to have the best gym bag how do you decide?

We've done the research and think you should pick either the King Kong Backpack II or the Cobra Grips backpack.

Those two are the only ones truly worth your hard earned money...

Since you're looking for the best crossfit gym bag we've reviewed 6 and came away with 2 sure winners.

We've started the reviews from worse to best. 

Top Gym Bags 

​#6 G4Free 3-Way Travel Duffel Gym Backpack

G4Free 3-Way Travel Duffel Gym Backpack

Coming in last on our list is The G4Free travel backpack.

This small, overpriced bag is uncomfortable to carry and falls apart easily. It's made of thin, cheap material and many users report the zippers get stuck.

The one thing we like about this bag is the ability to transform from a duffle to a backpack. Oh yeah, and it also has an extra shoe compartment (which could be a little bigger).

Please stay from this bag, or you'll regret it.

  • check
    Extra shoe compartment
  • check
    Transforms from duffle bag to backpack
  • Small
  • Falls apart
  • Uncomfortable to carry
  • Overpriced
  • Zippers get stuck
  • Thin cheap material 
  • Shoe compartment could be bigger
Legendary Drawstring Gym Bag - Waterproof

Number 5 is the Legendary Drawstring Gym Bag. This is a small bag and doesn't really hold much.

They claim it's waterproof but it isn't waterproof and even worse it falls apart easily.

There are some good things about this bag though.

It's comfy, has a lifetime warranty, great customer service, a cool drawstring design, and 4 cool colors.

Unfortunately, it doesn't hold up.

Not ideal for Crossfit users because it's small and poorly constructed.

We think you should stay away.

On to the next...

  • check
  • check
    Lifetime warranty
  • check
    Customer service
  • check
  • check
    4 nice colors
  • Small
  • Falls apart
  • Not waterproof
  • Can't hold much
Ultimate Gym Bag

Number 4 is the Ultimate Gym Bag by FocusGear.

This is a terrible bag. It has fallen apart for the majority of its users. Simply put, it doesn't hold up.

It's really sad because the concept and design are absolutely beautiful.

It's large and has many useful compartments.

The company claims to have fixed the stitching issues but we aren't so sure.

We can't recommend this one.

  • check
    Concept and design
  • check
    Large and has many compartments
  • Falls apart
  • Not waterproof
Everest Gym Bag with Wet Pocket

The Everest Gym Bag comes up at number 3 and unfortunately, it's similar to the bags before it, it falls apart easily.

This has become a recurring theme and the Everest Gym Bag is also poorly built.

Despite it ripping apart for many users one design quirk noticed is its small water bottle pocket.

It fits a regular water bottle but probably won't fit a bigger water or shaker bottle.

There are some pros though.

It fits in lockers so the size is optimal and the vented wet compartments for sweaty clothes is great for a number of reasons.

For one the bag doesn't stink.

Secondly, you keep your clean clothes separate, dry and well, clean.

Another benefit of this bag is unlike the bags before it has pretty decent room and lots of compartments.

Also, the padded strap makes it easy to carry.

This bag has many high points but the bottom line is we can't recommend a bag that'll easily fall apart in the long run.

Crossfitters need heavy duty sturdy bags and this isn't it.

  • check
    Fits in lockers
  • check
    Vented wet compartment for sweaty clothes
  • check
  • check
    Many compartments
  • check
    Padded strap
  • Falls apart
  • Poor build quality
  • Water bottle pockets small
  • No strap to hang with
Cobra Grips BackPack

Now we're getting into one of best bags for Crossfitters.

Coming in at #2 is the Cobra Grips backpack.

Besides having low-quality zippers and the Cobra Grips logo plastered all over there is a lot to be happy about with this bag.

First off it's a really high-quality bag.

Heavy duty and rugged with plenty of storage, perfect for Crossfitters!

One of our favorite features is it can be used as either a duffle or backpack.

This is really handy and it's' easy to pull the straps out and put it on your back whenever you want to.

Like the Everest bag, this one also has a vented compartment for wet clothes to keep your clean clothes separate and fresh.

Great mesh pockets mean great airflow which keeps the bag smelling good.

To top it all off the Cobra King customer service has been terrific for many users.

For any Crossfitter looking for a good gym bag. This one fits the bill.

  • check
    Transforms into a backpack
  • check
    Vented compartment for wet clothes
  • check
    High quality build
  • check
    Plenty of storage
  • check
    Heavy duty and rigid
  • check
    Mesh pockets for airflow
  • check
    Great customer service
  • Zippers issues
  • Too many logos
King Kong Backpack II

Now we've arrived at the cream of the crop.

The King Kong Backpack II is the best backpack for Crossfitters hands down.

Although its the best it certainly isn't perfect.

One user reported his pocket ripped on the inside of the bag which is highly unfortunate.

But it seems like he was carrying laptops and other things many Crossfitters aren't likely to carry.

That's not all we didn't like.

Let's face it, this bag is expensive... 

BUT it's worth it.

You get a great looking, high quality, comfortable, sturdy, spacious bag with amazing design and 7 cool colors to pick from.

King Kong II is sure to meet the needs of most Crossfitters out there and is the bag we recommend at #1.

  • check
    Looks great
  • check
    High quality
  • check
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Awesome design
  • check
    7 cool colors
  • Inside pocket rips
  • Pricy


Crossfitters put in hard work and need a gym bag to match their intensity.

Finding a spacious, rugged, comfortable bag that lasts is not easy.

We've saved you the trial and error.

If you want to save time, money and avoid the headaches we recommend the Cobra King Backpack and the King Kong Backpack II.

Each one has its advantages and drawbacks as highlighted in the short reviews.