Diet Mistakes You MUST Avoid If You Want To Burn Belly Fat 

MOE: I've noticed you in here for the past month training hard. Let me ask, what does your diet look like?

YOU: My diet?

The puzzled look on your face makes Moe smile. 

You take a moment to think before you reply. 

YOU: I've been eating what I've always ate I guess. Fast food, cereal, juice, muffins, rice, pizza, donuts. 

He nods his head indicating his attentiveness and goes on to say. 

MOE: I see. So you work hard in the gym and go home to unhealthy food. That's your problem right there. If you want to burn the belly fat you have to change what you eat. You have to get healthy before you lose the weight. 

He goes on to explain that real, significant results come from two factors. 

Training hard AND eating right. 

And eating right is more important than training hard. 

The light bulb goes off in your head. 

Suddenly a feeling of hope rushes through you. 

You know what you have to change to get a flat stomach. 

Eager for results, you head home and start doing some research on the computer. 

You type "what is the best diet for burning belly fat" into Google. 

Thousands of results are returned. 

You can't believe your eyes. 

Who knew there were more diets than sand on earth.

How are you supposed to filter through that many results? 

Which ones actually worked?

You feel overwhelmed. 

The first thought in your head was "I'll never get that slim stomach."

You catch that thought and quickly fix it. ​

"I can do this" you say to yourself.

After some more research you finally decide on a diet.

You're going to follow the governmental dietary guidelines. 

The diet emphasizes fruits, veggies, grains, seafood, lean meat and everything fat-free. 

After another month of consistent training and dieting you finally start to see some results. 

You've lost 5 pounds and your stomach is slightly smaller. 

But there was one MAJOR PROBLEM