Best Elbow Sleeve for Weightlifting (Reviews & Buyer Guide) 2021

Looking for the right elbow sleeve so you can lift weights comfortably?

Maybe you're experiencing some elbow pain or maybe you need support at the elbow while you lift.

Either way, there are many good sleeves to help you out. 

Before we get into the reviews let's talk a little about how they help... 

What Does A Compression Elbow Sleeve Do?

Anyone dealing with tendonitis, arthritis, tennis or golf elbow experience much pain in the elbow.

This pain makes it harder to work out or use the elbow in general because of swelling and/or inflammation.

Compression sleeves are worn to help alleviate this elbow pain and provide support for the injured elbow.

It's one of those lifting accessories that make working out less painful. 

How Long Can I Wear The Elbow Sleeve?

Some people sleep with their sleeve on because the pain is so excruciating.

However, the recommended time is 6-8 hours or less if you start to feel discomfort.

Benefits of Wearing An Elbow Sleeve

Elbow sleeves help your elbow heal by enabling blood flow to circulate quicker which results in faster recovery.

They also add comfort by padding the elbow and warmth which aids in pain relief.

How To Pick The Right Elbow Compression Sleeve

When picking the right sleeve for you there are a few things keep in mind.

1. Style
2. Price
3. Skin
4. Pain level
5. Amount of compression

Elbow compression sleeves come in different styles and colors. Some look really stylish and some are simple.

Pick the one that fits your style or use.

They also vary in price.

Some are cheap but lack quality and some are over $20 but offer more support.

And some come in pairs which means you get more for your money.

The next point is to know the material used because it could irritate your skin.

Many people found some sleeves to be itchy but its because the material isn't a good fit for you.

Also, the pain you feel could mean you need the sleeve for a long time.

Unfortunately, some of the sleeves on the market today don't hold up.

Make sure to get a sleeve that will last and not fall apart easily.

Some sleeves offer more compression than others.

For example, a couple of the sleeves below are long and compress the entire arm.

This might benefit you or it could just be a hindrance.

Keep these 5 points in mind when reading the reviews below.

Top 5 Elbow Sleeves Reviewed

Venom Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve

The Venom sleeve is itchy, cheaply made with rough material, pricy for what you get, too tight and cuts off circulation.

On top of that, it has a strong smell and picks up animal hair.

If you have a cat or dog your sleeve can get messy quick.

However, it does have some satisfied customers.

They like that it doesn't slip, is strong and supportive, comfortable, looks good and decreases pain.

Apparently, the company behind this product is really good.

They offer free exchanges and even sends a pdf with exercises to help relieve elbow pain.

  • check
    decreases pain
  • check
    doesn't slip
  • check
    great customer service (free exchanges)
  • check
    very strong and supportive
  • check
  • check
    looks good
  • check
    comes with pdf with exercises to help heal pain
  • itching
  • cheaply made
  • cuts off circulation
  • rough material
  • expensive
  • too tight
  • strong smell
  • picks up animal hair
Copper Compression Recovery Elbow Sleeve

The Copper compression sleeve has some serious issues.

Starting off the company has yet to respond to some customers who were having quality or sizing issues.

People claim the sleeve is poorly made. It's thin, cheap, smells and just doesn't last.

For the ones who like the sleeve they say it helps reduce elbow pain, is comfortable and the company offers free exchanges... if you can get a hold of them.

  • check
    reduces elbow pain
  • check
  • check
    free exchanges
  • customer service hasn't responded to some users
  • poorly made
  • doesn't last
  • thin and cheap
  • smells
Nordic Lifting Elbow Compression Sleeves (1 Pair)

Many people found the Nordic sleeve to be uncomfortable, tight and falls apart easily.

Some more problems include sizing issues, skin irritation, and material folding.

However, there are more positives than negatives with this one.

Most importantly, it helps relieve pain.

It does this by keeping the joint warm and not cutting off circulation.

The sleeve also looks good and you get two for the price of one (compared to other companies).

The sleeve covers the entire arm and still allows for full range of motion.

All in all, this is a solid sleeve produced by a good company.

  • check
    helps relieve pain
  • check
    Looks Good
  • check
    Allow Full Range Of Motion
  • check
    Two For The Price Of One Compared To Other Companies
  • check
    Covers Entire Arm (Forearm And Bicep Compression)
  • check
    Good Customer Service
  • check
    Don't Cut Off Circulation
  • check
    Keep Joints Warm
  • uncomfortable
  • Tight
  • Some Had Sizing Issues
  • Falls Apart
  • Irritates Skin
  • Material Folds 
Kunto Fitness Elbow Brace Compression Support Sleeve

The Kunto sleeve suffers from sizing issues.

Many people had to exchange their sleeve due to this.

Some other downers were it bunches up at the elbow and the top part rolls down.

Probably because of the sizing problems.

Another issue is the colors fade when washing.

Some users also complained of subpar support because it becomes loose over time and is very thin.

On the plus side, this is a really cool looking sleeve that helps mitigate pain.

Great for the gym and the design makes proper placement simple.

It's also stretchy and tear resistant.

The material is breathable and doesn't hold sweat which is good news for anyone with skin issues.

  • check
    looks really cool
  • check
    Nice Customer Service
  • check
    Helps Mitigate Pain
  • check
    Stretchy And Tear Resistant
  • check
    Breathable And Doesn't Hold Sweat
  • check
    Design Makes Proper Placement Simple
  • sizing issues
  • Bunches Up At The Elbow
  • Top Part Rolls Down
  • Becomes Loose After Time
  • Very Thin
  • Colors Fade With Washing
  • Doesn't Offer Much Support
crucial compression Elbow Brace Compression Sleeve (1 Pair)

The crucial compression sleeve was found to be uncomfortable by many users.

They say it's itchy, too long, rolls down, too thick and not flexible enough.

They also say it falls apart quickly and restricts blood flow.

Even worse though is some people received the wrong product by the company or didn't receive the sleeve at all.


Some things we liked about this sleeve is it comes in a pair, minimizes swelling, helps with soreness, affordable, soft and relieves pain.

The problem is you may not get these benefits if you don't even receive the product :/

  • check
    Relieves Pain
  • check
  • check
    Minimizes Swelling
  • check
    Helps With Soreness During Workouts
  • check
    Great Price
  • check
  • uncomfortable 
  • Itchy
  • Falls Apart
  • Rolls Down
  • Too Long
  • Not Flexible
  • Too Thick
  • Sent The Wrong Product
  • Empty Box (Didn't Receive Product)


Using an elbow compression sleeve is a good way to help alleviate elbow pain when weightlifting.

There are some good sleeves out there but be careful because some are terrible.

They fall apart easily and do nothing to help your elbow pain.

If you're looking for a good sleeve we recommend the Nordic sleeve even though it isn't perfect.