Huge Arms Workout Guide: The Best Exercises for Massive Arms

Having stronger and bigger arms can give you the feel of complete confidence and lots of men and some women want to get huge arms. Muscular arms will also express a sense of strength and athleticism. At the same time, there are a few significant practical benefits when one has stronger arms. It can be anything which requires the best upper body effort from lifting heavy boxes or your kids, and anything can be done very easily when you have stronger arms. At the same time, the huge arms will also boost your day to day functional fitness and you will have the following abilities to,

  • Increase muscle endurance, tone, and strength
  • Increase your body metabolism level by burning more amounts of calories even you don’t do regular workouts
  • Decreased chances of getting injuries

Everyone has two major muscles in your upper arms and they are triceps in the back and biceps in the front portion. They are actually opposite functioning muscle groups so they need various types of strength training exercises. 

Exercises to build massive biceps:

Your biceps is generally the double headed muscle which runs from your shoulder to the elbow. It is the major muscle involved in pulling and lifting using your arms. If you are doing the following exercises by doing 12 to 15 times repetitions, you will surely build up the biceps better with more strength and mass. They include,

  • Concentration curl

There are actually several types of strengthening exercises available for your biceps but a lot of researchers have found that this concentration curl is really the best thing for the greatest muscle activation. This most effective bicep workout isolates the biceps as compared to any other exercises. You should sit down a flat bench and keep your legs open in the V shape and grip and dumbbell with your hands. Keep lifting a dumbbell up and down in the alternative hands by facing the floor and your face. Do it for a few minutes and take a moment for rest and then do it again for 12 to 15 times for one arms. After that, you can switch arms.

  • Cable curl

Cable curl is also the best way to build mass and strength in your arms. You can make use of the low pulley machine which is attached to the cable with the easy handle. You have to stand two feet from the pulley machine and have the cable handle with your palm and pull it facing forward & your elbow close to your side. During this time, you have to place your foot in the opposite direction to your curling hand a little front portion of your foot in order to get a better balance. Now, you have to slowly curl your arm and bring your palm in the side of your shoulder. Hold for a moment and slowly get to the starting position. You have to do it the same for 12 to 15 times and then switch the arms.

Likewise you can also do Barbell curl and Chinup exercises for building your biceps.

Exercise to build massive triceps:

When considering the triceps, it is basically the group of three muscles which are located at the back of your arms. Such muscles run between your elbow and shoulder. They can help to strengthen your arms and also soothe your shoulder. If you want to get the huge triceps, you can do the following exercises including,

  • Triangle pushup

Triangle pushup is really the best type of exercise to build the muscle mass in your triceps. It is really the most effective and easy exercise to do. You have to be in the traditional pushup position with only your hands and toes touching the floor. You should place your hands below the face with your thumbs and forefingers touching to form the triangle between your hands. This pushup is absolutely very effective to strengthen your muscles in the triceps. 

  • Tricep kickback

This tricep exercises can be done by using both your arms and just one arm at the time & then switch arms as per your requirements. You have to hold your dumbbell in each hand and your palms have to face inward & slightly bend your knees while doing it.

Dips and Overhead extension are also the best exercises to build your triceps to get the massive arms.