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Hi, my name's Mohamed and in 2016 I went through a nasty divorce.

I got married September 2015 and for the first few months, everything was perfect.

But shortly after things went south...

I would come home from work exhausted and I didn't have the energy to give my wife the quality time she desired.

Managing a full-time job and building a new marriage is a LOT OF HARD WORK.

Ultimately the lack of understanding on either side would lead to many fights and arguments.

I was stressed and frustrated.

I really wanted our marriage to work out.

But it seemed like things were getting worse by the day.

One day we got into a heated debate and our apartment was flipped upside down.

Broken furniture, holes in the wall.. it was BAD.  

We decided it was best to take a short break and my wife went to stay with her family in Virginia for a while.

During this time I decided to start working out to reduce some stress and get back in shape.

I've always been a pretty healthy, active individual but after getting married I kind of fell off a bit.

I stopped working out and eating healthy.

I gained some fat and was really out of shape.

I feel like the weight gain might've added some extra stress.

Anyway, I started taking walks daily which really helped.

I started feeling much better.

Next up was diet.

I learned in the past the importance of a healthy diet to losing fat.

I immediately cut out processed and junk food. I replaced them with protein shakes and complex carbs such as potatoes and brown rice.

Wow, my energy was much better.

I was also starting to lose some of my stomach fat.

After noticing a huge difference in my physique I wanted to take things up a notch.

I signed up for the gym and started lifting weights.

At this point, I was feeling incredible.

My progress was steady and I was seeing good results.

I was getting stronger and burning a decent amount of fat.

But I wanted to see results FASTER.

So I searched around for a good fat burner.

After adding supplements my results skyrocketed!

Using the right supplements on top of a good diet and training regime was the finishing touch.

The fat was literally melting off. I lost about 20 pounds :)

I was able to get to around 10% body fat in about 2 and a half months.

I was ecstatic!!! :D

Despite my success in the gym marriage life was still pretty rough.

We decided to call it quits.

I can't lie, it hurt.

But getting back in shape definitely helped with my confidence.

Since the divorce, I've been very consistent with my training and nutrition.

I guess the failure kind of sparked something in me.

It made me want to get better and it really helped keep my mind off of things.


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