3 Best Hydration Packs for Running

Most of the runners know about how it is very important to stay hydrated, where the dehydration generally leads to the discomfort, poor runs and other kinds of serious injuries in their body.

The main challenge in this is that when you are running for long distance, then soon you will get dehydration and at this time it is not possible to get hydration immediately.

Where this is the main reason for creating the hydration packs where these wearable hydration pack devices allow the runners to have much needed water to readily available how far they are running.

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These hydration packs can be worn by the runners for longer period of time without thinking about how to carry lot of water the runners can try to focus on the road ahead in which they are walking.

By using this pack the runners can also store much and much more water than carrying a handheld water bottle or the hydration belt.

Generally the hydration packs also used by the free runners to plan their route based on where they want to run where they no need to stop at one place for drinking the water. 

  • Most of the hydration packs are designed for the trail purpose where you are less likely to encounter the places to refill the water but some of the hydration packs are designed in such a way that can hold the water capacity that used during the full and half marathon races. 
  • As like all the gear the hydration backpacks are not designed or created in equal where there are several factors which you need to consider when deciding to buy a hydration pack. 
  • Most important factor which you need to consider at first is that how much of water a hydration pack can carry in which there are two ways available in the pack for carrying the water either on the front with water bottles or on the back side using hydration bladder in which the bladder holds more water of 1 to 2 liters of water. 

Top 3 hydration packs for runners

The following are the top 3 hydration packs available in the market where each of the hydration packs contains their own features and size, so according to your requirements you can choose the hydration packs for running. 

  • Ultimate direction vest 4.0
  • Camelbak circuit vest 
  • Salomon S/lab sense ultra set 5 

The ultimate direction vest 4.0 hydration packs is found to be best in its overall features comparing with other two and the price of this pack is of little high but this is worth product for your money. The overall fit of the pack is found to be best and you can access the water in the easy manner and the hydration pack contains extra storage capacity with the jackets where you can store the phone, keys and nutrition supplements and drinks where this is not available in other two packs so decide the features of hydration packs before you buy.

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