Best Plyometric Exercises For Speed

Are You Looking To Increase Your Speed?

Being faster can help one excel at ANY sport.

Whether you're a basketball player, runner, swimmer, football player or olympic athlete, you'll benefit from a speed boost. 

Plyometric exercises are the best way to increase speed.

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They are designed to increase your power thus increasing speed. Below are the best exercises for increasing speed.

Best Plyometric Exercises For Increasing Speed

  1. Power Skips 

Power skips are great for increasing vertical and horizontal speed. Distance runners in particular will benefit from this exercise. 

2.  Double Leg Bounds

Also great for increasing upward acceleration. Make sure to tuck the knees between each jump. Basketball players might see a jump in their vertical jump from this exercise. 

3. Single Leg High Knee Pogos

If you liked pogosticks as a child you'll love this exercise. It can be performed with or without weight. Using a barbell during this workout will increase intensity and power. 

Hope you've enjoyed these 3 exercises for increasing speed now go out there and put in the work!

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