5 Best Power Racks For Home Gym Reviewed

Are you finding time and money for gyms just not in your means?

Why not work out in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

While there are many options for home gym equipment, the following article will offer reviews of the top 5 power racks for a home gym. 

​Commonly known as a power rack, a power cage, a squat rack, or a squat cage all refer to the same piece of equipment used in weight training.

They function as a mechanical replacement for an in-person spotter for free weight bar exercises.

An advantage of a power rack is the lack of movement restriction often found by other machinery and home equipment. 

How Are They Designed

The basic design of most power racks come with 4 vertical posts or stands that have two adjustable horizontal bar supports (these supports may also be called pins, rails, or catches) on either side.

Many power racks, along with this basic design, come with accessories and attachments, dependent upon your needs.

These can include pegs for a place to store your weights, a chin-up bar, or a cable attachment for pull downs. 

What's The Purpose Of Power Racks?

Power Racks began coming into the American home and consciousness in the 1960’s (1).

They were introduced as a means of maximizing the fatigue, translating to maximum opportunity for use of the whole body, the user would experience.

Power Racks/Cages provide its users with several options and purposes of use.

While perhaps not what one is conscious of when looking for a home workout system, safety is one category consumers must be made aware of when looking into a purchase.

An example of safety would be an injury from a barbell while performing a bench press.

If you were to over exert yourself or perhaps slip on your form, serious injury could occur if that barbell (along with the weights you added on) were to crush your chest or harm something close to the machine.

To avoid this, bar catches placed right above the user’s chest would, as the name implies, catch the bar in lieu of a human spotter.

The bar prevents the need to struggle past your ability in order to ensure safety (2). 

The same issues goes for the case of squatting, if you are using a weight, there are places in which to drop your weight without the danger to yourself and others of the weight bar landing on the floor.

While there is specific equipment one can purchase for squats, the difference between these and a power cage.

If squats are all you wish to focus on, then a squat stand is for you.

They are smaller and cheaper than a power cage, so if this is all you need, perhaps a power rack is not for you.

However, if squats are only a part of your overall workout, a power rack offers more options for exercises as well as, with its bigger size and sturdier design.

Power cages are used mostly for their limit-range exercises options for performance.

Limited-range exercises are used with a smaller range of motion, as opposed to a full-range exercise, and make use of heavier weights.

These exercise options range from rack pulls - a various of the deadlift in which one begins with the bar at a higher level than the traditional deadlift, and rack lockouts - this is a various of the bench press where the use of the upper portion of the lift is limited.

In recent years, a new form and functionality of power rack has come onto the scene; the half rack.

The half rack uses either two or four of the vertical posts that the equipment user stands in front of.

This is in opposition to the whole or original rack where the person working out would stand in the center of the four posts.

Top 5 Power Racks Reviewed - Build The Ultimate Home Gym

Below you'll read about the 5 best power rack for your home gym. 

Some include a bench and some won't. 

It's all about your needs and what best fits your situation. 

Shall we begin?

Rep PR-1000 Power Rack

The Rep PR-1000 power rack is designed specifically for those who wish to focus on squats, bench press, deadlift, and weight training. 

It is a freestanding, stable power rack that requires no need to be anchored to the floor.

Each power cage comes equipped with two J-cups, two full-length safety bars, and an intact pullup bar.

With a high of just 84 inches, Rep PR-1000 allows for maximum usage and functionality in as compact form as possible and will fit into most home gym areas.

The overall dimensions of the Rep PR-1000 are 84 inches (7 feet) tall by 48 inches (4 feet) wide and 47.5 inches deep.

This power rack was designed especially for home gym usage in both function and size. The inside cage dimensions are 44 inches wide by 45.5 inches deep.

With 14 gauge steel with double rear stability bars, you can life knowing this cage can handle 800 lbs of weight.

The pull-up arch and dip bars (optional) can hold 400 lbs with the lateral pull-down attachment being able to sustain 250 lbs.

A final note on this machinery product is the plastic lined J-cups that protect barbell and rack finishings.

This aids in avoiding rust and damage to your home gym equipment.

  • check
    High quality
  • check
  • check
  • check
  • Not sturdy
  • Instructions not helpful 
Best Fitness Power Rack Package

Coming equipped with the BFPR100 power rack described at #4, this system expands on that basic design.

Additionally there is a folding, adjustable bench as well as ab slings that come with the frame.

Like the BFPR100, the weight capacity is 500 lbs.

Dimensions are 46.5 inches (just over 3.5 feet) width by 45.5 inches (about 3.7 feet) long by 82 inches (about 6.8 feet).

Against, with 23 positions spread out of three inches, your workout will be customized for you by you.

The slings included provide for quality toning, trimming, and conditioning of the abdominal area minus the lower back ache and strain.

Designed for use straight out of the box, Best Fitness’ folding bench Bffid10 is portable, durable, compact, and functional in ways that offer resistance training without the price tag of a home gym.

With the ability to fold up your workout machinery and store it away, the issue of space in your home is not such a deal breaker.

  • check
    Bench included
  • check
  • check
    Easy to assemble
  • check
  • Pricey for what you get
Body Power Deluxe Rack Cage System

This system, the Body Power Deluxe, is designed specifically for and engineered to perform well with additional and heavy duty usage.

The Body Power Deluxe comes with full length safety bars as well as option floor mount anchors that are built into the system.

The design of this product offers a wide range, walk in frame designed for comfort and safety.

A unique feature is the memory-like footprint for strength training lateral movements (meaning up and down) such as squats, dips, press, pull-ups, and more.

The variety for maximizing your abilities and desired goals include 15 height levels that are adjustable, two dip bars, and two pull up bars for variety and comfort.

As far as safety features go, the Body Power Deluxe comes with two full length safety rods (with J hooks) which offer safety and efficiency in movement, two adjustable weight bar safety catches, four floor anchors for better mounting.

This machine can support up to 500 lbs on the rack and 300 lbs on the chip up and dip bars for a total of 800 lbs.

Six weight plate storage posts offer a compact yet effective machine.

The metal bars for spotting are hollow and one inch in diameter.

  • check
  • check
  • check
    Easy to assemble
  • check
    High quality
  • check
    Superior safety
  • check
  • Narrow
Best Fitness Power Rack

Also known as the BFPR100, this machinery offers a simple framework in which to build your at home workouts around.

This system is made from 14 gauge steel and can accommodate up to 500 lbs of weight.

With 23 different adjustment positions in which to position your bars and safety pins, this machine gives the safety and versatility that one would hope for in a home machine with a multitude of exercises in which to choose from.

This equipment is approximately seven feet tall and comes with two by two steel mainframe. 

The 23 options for positioning are spread out over 3 inches between them.

Along with the design, the BFPR100 power rack comes with a durable powder coat paint finish to give it a sleek finish for your at home workout machine.

  • check
  • check
    High quality
  • check
  • check
    Easy assembly
  • check
    Great for young athletes
  • 300 pound capacity
  • Not for heavy lifters

As the name suggests, this cage system comes equipped with a workout bench and a weight bar.

The Marcy Smith Cage is designed to be an all-in-one gym system that targets fitness needs that aim to strengthen and tone the thighs, core, legs, and arms.

While differing from the other systems by being a Smith machine, allowing for only vertical or near vertical workouts, it does include a pull-up bar, cable crossovers, and a leg developer.

The upper body muscles will be worked using the press bar and cable crossovers.

The lower body, using the leg developer, will build in strength and tone.

The chest and shoulders can be worked on through the steel aircraft cable system, cross pulleys and pull-up bars.

The thighs and legs will make use of the bottom pulley leg developer that specifically targets quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

The included bench is removable and padded as well as adjustable to give you the exact resistance you desire.

The press bar, Smith style, comes with the safety features of adjustable stops and car catches to ensure you can work out without the need for a human spotter.

The Smith system comes with 14 gauge square steel tubing.

The cage dimensions are 65 (about 5.5 feet) inches by 79.25 inches (a little over 6.5 feet) by 84.5 inches (just over 7 feet).

This means ample space is required.

One possible drawback is that the Olympic bar, that is built into the Smith machine, is about 20 lbs lighter than a standard Olympic bar and users should adjust their routines for this difference.

  • check
    Great bench included
  • check
    Lots of accessories
  • check
  • check
    Can perform many exercises 
  • check
    Pull-up bar included
  • check
    Great cable system
  • Poor range of motion
  • 20 pound bar
  • Tough assembly


From the options of an at home power rack gym, the system that comes out on top is the Body Power Deluxe Rack Cage System.

Affording the most compact version while keeping the integrity of the purpose of a power pack, in addition to the noted anti-rust plastic finishing, this system provides the most impact while being the most compact.