Best Pre-Workout For Athletes – Here’s What You Need To Know

Everybody wants an edge, especially when it comes to physical prowess.

Supplements, whether it be vitamins or energy boosts, have long been a way to achieve that edge. 

Below you'll find the top pre workouts for athletes. 

Used as directed, these supplements can skyrocket your energy and focus. 

Let's look at how these products can help you, and how you should choose which one is the best for you. 

Why Would You Use A Pre-Workout Supplement?

The first order of business is to decide if you need a pre-workout supplement. Pre-workout mixtures are usually made of stimulants and vitamins. Knowing which ones to take can be the difference between improved fitness or bad health.

Do you need a nutrition boost, or are you already taking vitamin and mineral supplements individually?

If so, adding to them can be bad for you, possibly even toxic.

Do you need to be more alert?

Many supplements give you a jolt by way of caffeine in significant concentrations.

A heavy coffee drinker, or someone taking caffeine pills, probably doesn't need any extra stimulant.

In these cases, the best candidates for pre-workout supplements are people who are not already ingesting substances found in the products.

The matter of ingredients is also important when you've decided which supplement you will take.

Manufacturers take great care to formulate precise mixtures of stimulants and boosters to create their desired effect.

The benefit to the consumer is you know what ingredients you'll be getting, and can plan based on the concentrations and percentages present in the products.

When is the Best Time To Take Pre-Workout Supplements?

Sometimes the matter of when you take a substance is even more important than the nature of the substance itself (anyone who's ever mistimed the effect of a laxative can swear to that).

The very title 'pre-workout' would seem to preclude any discussion regarding the time to use the supplements.

Occasionally an athlete may benefit from a change in schedule. Extra alertness when you wake up may help you later in the day.

Being more on-the-go around breakfast time may contribute to extra energy during your workout.

Some can use these pre-workouts before they hit the gym or play a big game.

We recommend the morning for most people, unless your a vampire and like staying up all night. 

On many of the directions listed on the back of these supplements you'll see they mention taking the product within 1 hour of your workout.

As long as you account for the high amount of caffeine in the supplements and adjust your sleep schedule, you can generally use these products whenever you wish. 

male taking pre workout supplement

Cycling Your Supplements

One of the best ways to maximize effects is to cycle your intake. No matter how potent the substance, the body can adjust to anything in time. 

Resistance to caffeine, or even the effects of minerals, will increase the longer you take it.

By alternating intake in pre-planned intervals, you increase the efficacy of the supplement.

Your body responds better if given enough time to wean off the supplement. 

What To Look For In A Good Pre-Workout

There are several attributes you'll always want in a good pre-workout supplement:

Increase of Performance - Becoming stronger and faster is the goal of most exercise. You should be increasing in strength and speed when using the supplement.

Increased Muscle Endurance - Whether it's Crossfit, weight lifting or running, the longer your muscles hold out, the more work you accomplish. A good pre-workout should help you recover quick and keep up with your workout without getting tired.

Jolt of Energy - A good pre-workout will give you lots of energy upon taking it. You should feel like superman/woman headed into your workout.

Increased Alertness - If you feel alert, you feel ready to exercise. Having that extra 'pop' can be worth it to get more out of your routines.

Finding The Right Pre-Workout Supplement For You

I'm the type to jump right in and give things a go, if they work awesome, if not I'll easily move on. 

When finding a good pre-workout it's a good idea to pick one with a good reputation and ingredients.

Look at what top trainers recommended and give it a try. 

It's gonna take some trial and error because we all have different bodies. 

Once you decide on a product, see how it makes you feel, and gauge your results. If it's delivering as promised, by all means, continue, but if it isn't, it's okay to try something new.

Drawbacks To Pre-Workout Supplement Use?

Every good benefit has its downside.

The most obvious knock against supplements is you may not even need them.

As mentioned earlier, if you're taking vitamins and boosters, it may be overkill to add to those.

Also, if you don't do proper research on a product, you may fall prey to over-hyped benefits, or worse yet, to out and out scams.

'Buyer beware' is a good warning, especially with something you'll put into your body.

Let's discuss some of my top picks for pre-workouts out there.. 

Top Pre-Workouts Reviewed 

c4 pre workout drink

C4 ripped DELIVERS. 

This pre-workout provides ample amounts of energy and endurance. 

The taste is very good, with the many flavors offering a nice change. The supplement seems to have very few side effects, while delivering a good muscle and stamina result.

An added benefit is it helps burn fat with Green Coffee Bean Extract, Cayenne Fruit Extract and others.

  • check
    Provides energy
  • check
    Good for endurance
  • check
    Fat burning properties
  • check
    Lots of flavors to choose from
  • Cost

Featuring all natural ingredients Vintage Blast promises longer effects in a safe proven formula.

The makers of Vintage Blast have a long history of providing an effective, safe pre-workout for athletes all over.

Great for sustained energy, Vintage Blast is known to be gluten-free, safe for vegans and made in the USA. 

  • check
    Simple, well-known ingredients
  • check
    No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners
  • check
    Provides sustained energy
  • check
    Good reputation
  • Body may adapt to it after some time

Total Fitness Supplements AMP 200 pre-workout has been tested with performance athletes and may be just what you need. 

In it's unique blend AMP 2000 helps with muscle building, endurance and halts fatigue. 

Great for endurance athletes and those who bodybuild as well.

This pre-workout combines great taste with great focus. 

If you're looking to be more alert during your workouts AMP 2000 may be able to help you.   

  • check
    Good taste
  • check
    Aids in muscle building
  • check
    Good for endurance
  • Sometimes clumps
Scivation Xtend BCAA Powder

Xtend BCAAs is a great option for those looking to build muscle and lose fat. 

Scivation built this pre-workout to aid in protein synthesis helping one recover faster and get back in the gym. 

Some say it tastes "chemically" while others enjoy it's taste. You may have to give it a try for yourself and see what you think. 

Majority have no problem mixing this pre-workout very little claim clumping issues. 

As far as effectiveness goes this BCAA mixture will help you recover faster than normal.

You may not recover as fast as Wolverine but you'll definitely notice a difference.  

Especially those lifting heavy weights and need the fuel for their muscles. 

  • check
    Increased endurance
  • check
    Increased energy
  • check
    Great ingredients
  • check
    Great for recovery
  • Chemical taste
  • Expensive
  • Needs more Leucine
Six Star Pro Pre Workout N.O. Fury

This next pre-workout is very popular with bodybuilders. 

MuscleTech's Six Star Pre-Workout N.O. Fury is a blend promising greater muscle pumps, strength, focus, and overall performance. 

The formula is designed to enhance nitric oxide levels so you should be able to feel them working. 

This powder in pill form pre-workout is famous in the bodybuilding community for its simple and easy to use form. 

Simply pop the pills and go. Although some mention having to take more than the recommended serving to get the best results.  

  • check
    Easy to take
  • check
    Increased blood flow
  • check
    No taste or after taste
  • check
    Increases muscle pump
  • check
  • May have to take more than 1 serving
  • Makes some people thirsty


There you have it! The best pre-workouts for athletes.

All of these products get the job done depending on what you're looking for.

Perhaps you're looking for fast recovery? Scivation's Xtend gets the job done. 

If you're an endurance athlete pick a pre-workout that increases muscle endurance and provides consistent continual energy, like Vintage Blast. 

If you're into muscle building C4  and AMP 2000 are the way to go for sustained muscle growth and energy needed to blast through workouts. 

If you're an athlete on a budget you'll find Six Star's Pre-workout an excellent choice for muscle pump and keeping your bank account healthy.