Best Smith Machine

Maintaining body fitness will be a primary goal for many people and for that most of them prefer to go gym. You are also one among them who use to go for gym in regular then you might have seen the smith machine. There are many numbers of equipment in gym and in that the most useful equipment is smith machine and you can do many exercises. Smith machine is a weight machine which will be used for doing weight training and using this machine can do full body workout. The ultimate smith machine consists of barbell and it has been fixed within the steel rails and it allows vertical movement. There are series of slots on the rails to hook the barbell and using this can do various workouts by concentrating on particular muscle. 

  • Smith machine is highly safe for doing squats and other barbell-based weight exercises as well.
  • Using this can do workouts for chest, shoulder and thigh muscles also can do workout for calf workout too. To perform several workouts have to pair this machine with the adjustable bench.
  • With this machine can perform the popular strength training exercises such as shoulder shrugs, squats and dead lifts also can do number of exercises and it is being their main advantage is its versatility.

top 5 picks 

  • Force USA Monster G3 Smith Machine
  • MiM USA Hercules 1001 Smith Machine
  • ICON Fitness Weider PRO 8500 Smith Cage
  • Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer
  • Body Solid Smith Machine Package

Advantages of using smith machine

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Being a weight training equipment, smith machine offers many advantages other than versatility. It helps in stabilizing the exercise motion of the person who doing workout with it as this makes easy to perform the motion that to safely. By making use of this machine can add valuable dimension to any of the fitness program. Also it assists well to prevent the fitness plateaus which obstruct the significant progress in fitness. It offers full body workout which provides great convenience on doing exercises. This machine can be used to lift heavier weights even without a spotter. The smith machine will help you to do particular muscle exercise based on your needs. Overall, by using smith machine can boost up the strength training and supports well on achieving fitness goals.

smith machines reviewed

One of the best workout equipment that can be used in gym or home gym is smith machine which favors highly in weight training and that help in attaining fitness. To avail the benefits of using smith machine it is necessary to shop smith machines to do workouts. Finding the smith machine which are good to use can be made easier with the assistance of online as in that can get the list of smith machine that are best for workouts.

Inspire Fitness FT2 Functional Trainer and Smith Station- this is the most advanced and versatile smith machine also it comes with home trainer combination. With this device no need assistance of any other weight training device.

Valor Fitness BE-11 Smith Machine- it is of professional grade as it has high weight capacity, solid build and many other features as well.

BodyCraft Jones Freedom Machine- this machine is versatile and highly adjustable which allows number of movements also it is safe, stable and sturdy as it accomplishes all weightlifting needs.