You're Here Because You're Looking For The Best Way To Build Muscle, Right? Below Is The Best Example Of That.

Are you tired of being weak and skinny?

Weak and skinny men are vulnerable.

Being vulnerable makes YOU less of a man.

Let me explain.

For one, people will abuse you left and right. 

Imagine walking home from work one day. 

There's a strange guy following you and he's planning to rob you. 

You're scared and nervous because he's two times your size and you're too weak to defend yourself. 

What do you think will happen?

He'll rob and beat you up. 


Because he knows your weak and unable to fight him off. 

I know this hurts to think about but its the truth. 

People take advantage of those they deem to be weaker. 

Secondly, you'll be less likely to act confidently. 

Confidence is the ability to handle uncertainty and take risks. 

If your vulnerable and weak you'll be less likely to take risks because you'll be too afraid of the repercussions. 

Let's say your in line at dunkin donuts with your lady. 

It's a long line and all of a sudden two guys come in and jump to the front of the line. 

Will you act confidently and confront the two guys if you know your weak and skinny?

Most likely not, because you know the outcome will not be in your favor and thus you say nothing and look like a wuss. 

And now your girl loses respect for you. 

Which brings me to my last point. 

Finally, if you're vulnerable and unconfident WOMEN WON'T BE ATTRACTED TO YOU. 

Women are attracted to strong masculine men who can protect them. 


Because women themselves are vulnerable and unable to protect themselves. 

If they see you as being like them your more like a woman then a man and they'll never feel attraction for you. 

Remember, no women wants a man thats unable to defend her. 

She simply won't respect you and in the long run (if you do manage to find a girl) she'll leave you once she sees you can't protect her. 

Resulting in total heartbreak for you. 

Here's the bottom line:

You will get dominated in every arena of your life if you don't develop muscle, strength and size. 

Luckily for you I'm here to help. 

I'll teach you exactly what it takes to build big powerful muscles and get the respect you deserve. 

Sound good?

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