You're Here Because You're Looking For The Best Weight Lifting Belt, Right? Below Is The Best Example Of That.

Hey, my name's Mohamed and back in December, I was in the gym working out.

I was doing deadlifts on the smith machine at planet fitness.

I usually do 7 sets, 4 warm up and 3 working sets.

So I get through my warm-up sets and get ready to put in work.

I put 200 pounds on the bar and start deadlifting.

1st set done.., felt good.

2nd set, again it was ok.

On to the third and about 3 reps in I heard a crack.


I felt dizzy and had to sit down immediately.

My lower back had snapped :(

The same thing happened a while back and I swore not to deadlift again, yet here I was in the same situation.

I sat on the bench for a little and attempted to get up.

My lower back was really hurting.

Sharp pain up and it was hard to walk.

I left the gym and headed home.

I knew what this meant...

At least two weeks off from the gym and not being able to do anything that required a full range of motion.


I was tired of this happening... it wasn't my form I just had a really weak lower back.

Last time I tried stretching and strengthening my lower back but it didn't really work.

I don't like taking unnecessary time off from the gym so I had to find a solution.

I looked into foam rolling but I didn't feel like it would give me the support I needed during my lifts.

So I decided to find a good weightlifting belt.

Did some research and found a good belt something sturdy and stylish.

When I finally got back to the gym I was able to give it a try.

It really provided amazing support.

I really liked how snug it was. I felt protected during my lifts.

For the ultimate test, I tried deadlifting 250 pounds.

Unfortunately, I ended up spraining my lower back again :(

I think heavy deadlifting isn't for me.

Nowadays I stay away from deadlifting altogether.

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