What’s The Best Weight Vest for CrossFit?

Looking for a good heavy vest for Crossfit training?

Weight vests are a great way to improve your fitness level. 

They help develop strength, speed, and stamina while increasing fat loss.

When it comes to the best we think the Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO gives CrossFitters the most bang for their buck. 

Benefits Of Training With A Heavy Vest

These vests increase the intensity of your workouts resulting in more muscle and fat loss.

The vest is perfect for anyone looking to add more challenge to their current routine.

Crossfit users will see an increase in their endurance and stamina once they take the vest off.

How to Train With Weight Vests

You can use a heavy vest for most CrossFit routines.

Just remember to start light and increase the weight gradually.

You'll see the best results when you combine a weight vest with running, bodyweight exercises, agility and speed training, acceleration training and walking. 

How to Choose the Right Vest For You

When it comes to picking the right vest for you it's good to consider a few elements.

1. Quality/Material

Quality and material are first and important for many reasons.

One, you don't want a cheaply made vest falling apart days after you buy it. 

When investing in the right vest see what it is made of first.

You want the material to be sweat and rip resistant.

You also want the weights to be made from coated metal or any type of material that won't rust.

Second is fit.

2. Fit

Make sure to buy a vest that allows you to adjust it to your body.

You want the vest tight but not too tight that you can't move or breathe.

Next up is weight.

3. Weight

Picking the right vest means getting one that'll help you now and later.

You want the vest to be enough of a challenge now but also adjustable so you can add more weight as you get stronger.

The first vest I bought was way too heavy.

I could barely do any exercises with it.

Had I not been able to adjust the weight I wouldn't have gotten any use out of it.

Basically, the vest should be suited to your current fitness level but also adjustable for the future.

Remember, too much weight and you can get seriously hurt and too little weight won't help you progress.

Last up is usefulness and this will change for person to person.

4. Usefulness

You need to pick a vest that suits your needs.

If you're going to be running with it does it have reflective strips?

Does it have a place for headphones?

Maybe you need it to hold your water bottle.

Whatever your needs, the vests below will give you the most bang for your buck.

Choose the one most suitable for your goals.

Top 5 Weight Vests For CrossFit

Now on to the reviews. 

Let's review the 5 heavy vests we recommended earlier.

Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO

The poor durability and weak material of the Hyperwear vest may be its biggest downsides.

Add to that it's only a 10-pound vest and pretty expensive.

People wish it wouldn't get so hot and could definitely use a pouch or pocket.

Despite all that this nicely designed vest offers a great fit, even weight distribution hides well under clothing, good customer service, comfortable and easy to adjust.

We'd like to see better materials used and an ability to add more weight but out of all the vests we've reviewed this came with the most benefits.

  • check
    great fit
  • check
    Even Weight Distribution
  • check
    Nice Design
  • check
    Hides Well Under Clothing
  • check
    Good Customer Service
  • check
  • check
    Easy To Adjust
  • poor durability
  • Weak Material
  • Only 10-Pound Resistance
  • Expensive
  • Gets Hot
  • Could Use A Pouch Or Pocket
Cap Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest

Next up is the Cap Barbell vest.

This vest looks like a bomb vest which may or may not be your thing.

People claim its poorly made and some didn't even receive the weights.

Poor customer service and a need for added shoulder cushion add to its downfalls.

On the plus side, it is a nice fit, heavy duty and comfortable for the majority.

This seems like a good vest but missing weights and dealing with the company seems like a hassle.

  • check
    nice fit
  • check
    Heavy Duty
  • check
  • poor quality
  • Needs Shoulder Cushion
  • Some Didn't Receive Weights
  • Poor Customer Service
CAP Barbell adjustable Weighted Vest, 20-Pound

Another CAP Barbell vest in this lineup and this is the 20lb version.

This one is uncomfortable and has uneven weight distribution.

Many claim it falls apart easily and is poorly designed. 

Putting the weights in the tiny slots was a hassle for the majority of its users. 

  • check
  • check
    Has Front Pocket
  • check
    Reasonable Price
  • check
    Easy To Assemble
  • check
    Reflective Material
  • uncomfortable
  • Uneven Weight
  • Falls Apart
  • Hassle To Put The Weights In
  • Poor Design
Tone Fitness Weighted Vest, 12 lbs

The Tone Fitness vest comes with many cons.

It's poor quality, poor fit, uncomfortable, only 12 pounds and feels like a backpack with one too many textbooks.

We'll admit, it does look cool and many say that it's easy to put on and take off.

Others are pleased with the pouch despite it only being big enough to hold your keys.

All in all, there are better options out there.

  • check
    looks cool
  • check
    Pouch For Keys
  • check
    Easy To Put On And Take Off
  • poor quality
  • Poor Fit
  • Only 12 Pounds
  • Uncomfortable
  • Too Much Weight On The Back
Mir Adjustable Weighted Vest

Out of all the vests we reviewed the Mir one is the worst.

It's poorly made, confusing to put on, uncomfortable, bounces, leaves rashes, poor customer service, doesn't come with instructions and expensive.

Only benefits being that it's easy to add weight and comes with a reflective strip for running.

On top of that many people felt they received a used product :/

We can't recommend this vest.

  • check
    easy to add weight
  • check
    Reflective Strip
  • poorly made
  • Expensive
  • Confusing To Put On
  • Leaves Rashes
  • Bounces
  • No Instructions
  • Uncomfortable
  • Bad Customer Service


Choosing a good weighted vest for CrossFit will help you increase your fitness level but choosing the right vest is pretty hard.

Despite it needing improvements, we recommend you give the Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO a try. 

Want to learn more about the latest fitness gear? We've got you covered.