10 Ways to Bulk Up Fast for Skinny Guys

There are many ways to bulk up fast for skinny guys. In this blog post I’ll give you 10 solid ways to make it happen. These tips will give you an idea of simple things you can do to build solid muscle.Bulk Up Fast for Skinny Guys

Increasing Calorie Intake is the Best Way to Bulk Up Fast for Skinny Guys

In order to gain muscle you must increase your calorie intake. In fact, bulking up requires a calories surplus.

Many people have a hard time doing this. The best way to do this without putting on fat is to increase your maintenance level by 250-500 calories.

Start at 250 and track your progress. If you put on muscle good keep going if not add more calories and see what happens. Don’t fear getting fat.

If you find it hard to eat more try incorporating more liquids into your diet. I do a fruit and veggie smoothie with honey as one of my meals in the morning. It’s easy to drink and provides me with more calories and energy.

2. Make sure you get enough protein

While being in a calorie surplus is important it is vitally important to eat the right things. Protein being of utmost importance. You see your body can’t build muscle without protein. It just won’t happen.

1gram x bw is a good way to start. Again everything requires testing to see how your body responds.

Some good sources of protein include: chicken breast, turkey, lean beef, whey protein supplements and eggs.

3. Train at least 3x a week

Bulk Up Fast for Skinny Guys

You must stimulate your muscles to get them to grow. This means making your training a priority. Many people like to train in the morning some like the evening. The important thing is this: find a schedule and stick to it. 

4. Get enough sleep

As an ectomorph we tend to burn more muscle as fuel. This makes getting enough rest a key component of our bulk. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep a day and 24 hours in between workouts.

5. Drink lots of water

Water is vital to building muscle. Every cell in your body needs it. Make it a habit to drink eight 8oz cups of water a day.

6. Count your calories

You need to eat a lot in order to get bigger but just because we’re skinny doesn’t mean we can eat like crap. Focus on eating good sources of protein, carbs and fats. Stay away from sugar

7. Focus on compound lifts

Building strength should be a top priority when trying to build muscle. The best way to build strength is to lift heavy weights targeting plenty of muscle groups. Compound exercises like the bench press, dead lift, squat and military press do just this.

8. Pick a good training program

A good training program is one that others have succeeded with. It usually entails lifting heavy weight and compound exercises.

I recommend starting slow. Learn how to properly perform each exercise first. Take your time putting more weight on the bars.

9. Build muscle gradually

There is no shortcut to building muscle. “BUT WHAT ABOUT STEROIDS?” Nice try, even then you’ll have to put in work. Keep this in mind as you go about your journey. THIS IS FOR LIFE.

Natural muscle building means putting on 1.5 to 2 pounds a month in your first year.

Might sound like a little but after a few years people will definitely start to notice.

10. Don’t skip the cardio

Cardio isn’t evil. It’s actually really good for your heart and body in general. And plus doing cardio means we get to enjoy more delicious food :).

Don’t go overboard, 1-2 half hour sessions a week is more than enough.


The best  way to bulk up fast for skinny guys is to pay attention to the details. Eat enough good sources of food making sure to get in daily protein needs.

Count calories to make sure you’re eating enough. Pick a good program and stick to your training routine.

Train with heavy weights focusing on compound lifts.

Make sure to get enough rest and water. Limited cardio won’t hurt and remember to pace yourself! Build muscle gradually and consistently.

Have you started your muscle building journey yet – What do you think is the best way to bulk up fast for skinny guys? what advice would you give to others?

6 thoughts on “10 Ways to Bulk Up Fast for Skinny Guys”

  1. Mohamed, thank you so much I like your post, not only post! I really like your website I’m not skinny but I have been on the lookout for the past few months on how can gain some muscles now I got the right source.

  2. Getting enough protein is really important when you want to build muscle & often overlooked. I like to use weights when training, it’s good to feel strong. Best thing I did was have some sessions with a trainer who showed me how to use weights and do the specific lifts correctly and explained how many reps to do to get the results I wanted.

  3. Smart idea Jayne!

    Finding a trainer who can show you how to perform the exercises correctly is a major part of preventing injuries and seeing results.

  4. Great post. My fiance always insists on having protein at every meal or else he feels hungry.
    I know that some people who bulk up fast end up getting stretch marks. Do you have any tips to prevent that from happening?

  5. Hey Vanessa,

    Yes protein is great for keeping us satiated along with healthy fats.

    I have a few stretch marks around my biceps so I know just what you mean. I noticed the more solid muscle in my biceps the less noticeable the stretch marks are.

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