How Many Calories Can You Burn With A Weighted Vest?

Wearing the weighted vest is highly beneficial to enable your body to burn about 12% or more calories from the body.

When you are going to the walk with the weighted vest, it will be definitely a very good way of burning more calories every day.

A lot of researches have proven that wearing a weighted vest is truly beneficial for both men and women to burn some amount of calories to lose unnecessary body weight.

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Walking With A Weighted Vest:

If the unfit people are walking 2.5 mph at an incline of about zero to 15 % for a total of 16 minutes, you will get the result of 12 % calories to burn from your body.

Whether you are running or walking, you should need to do it fast on an incline if you are using the treadmill at your home.

Using the treadmill is too comfortable for everyone to achieve the desired calories burn and weight loss result without more efforts.

It can also change your sedentary lifestyle or some other health issue like the lower back pain by this simpler way of using the weighted vest during your walking or jogging.

At the same time, it also boosts your intensity and burns more calories without requiring the higher incline or speed.

In order to avoid all of these related health issues, it is absolutely a great option to use the weighted vest which is currently available in the different sporting goods stores.

Nowadays, you can also find them from online platforms at affordable prices.

Whether you have prior knee, hip or ankle injuries or not, it is better using this vest for your next walk in order to prevent them.

guy wearing weighted vest

How does a weighted vest work?

  • If you are completely healthy and fit, you are not necessary to make use of the weighted vest.
  • It is mainly for the unfit persons who would like to burn more amounts of calories from their body.
  • Whenever the persons with excessive body weight are using it properly and regularly, you will get more calories to burn, increased power, stamina and also endurance without any additional weight.
  • The main purpose of using the weighted vest is to add the additional weight to your body in order to take your workouts to the next higher level.
  • When the walkers or joggers are carrying the extra weight while walking, running or doing exercises, your body will definitely compensate and then boost your power.
  • At the same time, this extra weight in the vest also stimulates the muscles in your lower body and forces it to use more energy. As a result, you will surely get improved overall strength and endurance.
  • By all these reasons, the weighted vest during exercises will be really effective to burn calories and also eliminate fats.

In order to burn more calories on a daily basis, it is crucial to maintain the same duration and same speed whether you are running, walking or doing any other exercises.