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Best Protein Powder for Keto Diet


The diet which is ketogenic, or the keto diet is the diet in which there will be high fat and the carbohydrates will be less, the content of the protein is the inadequate amount. This is the diet or the eating procedure which was used basically for treating the children who suffer from epilepsy. This is the refractory condition in the children. This diet will be helping to increase the level of carbohydrates by burning the fats. The food which contains the carbohydrates will be converted into the form called glucose and then the transportation takes place around the body. This is very crucial and important in functioning and fuelling of the brain. I suppose there are little amounts of carbohydrates in the body, then the functioning of the liver takes place as the fats will be converted into fatty acids and also they convert into the other form called the ketone bodies.

The keto diet

These ketones will be passing into the brain for replacing the glucose. The replacement is for the energy source. Ketosis, on the other hand, is the elevated or the increased level of the ketones in the body and this will be reducing the seizures caused by the epilepsy. The ketogenic diet which is the classic one or the traditional one will be contain in the ratio of 4:1 of fat to the combined protein and the carbohydrate. This will be achieved by removing the carbohydrate which is high in the foods such as the fruits which have the starch and bread, vegetables, pasta, sugar, and grains while the increase of the intake of the foods which is more in fat such as the cream nuts and the better. Most of the fat of the diet is made of the long chain triglycerides which are the molecules. The fatty acids which are having the short carbon chains than the long ones are termed as the medium chain triglycerides.

The diet with the medium chain triglycerides is the ketogenic diet which will be using the coconut oil form, and this will be rich in the medium chain triglycerides and this will be providing the calories in half. A little amount of fat is needed in this diet a proportion which is great of the protein and the carbohydrate which can be consumed which will allow the greater variety of the choices of food. It should be considered as the most important and the crucial one for picking or choosing the best protein powder which is keto friendly and that should give lot of fats which are healthy, and the protein should be in lesser amount and also there should be fewer carbohydrates.

Best Protein Powder for Keto Diet

It is very easy for scanning the nutrition labels and the ingredients for avoiding the carbs and this is not that we have to be known or aware of. Some of the protein powders which are good when anyone is following the keto diet is the way, egg protein, collagen protein powders etc. the diet of the keto or the ketogenic diet is the diet which is of the high fat and we have to make sure that we are going to add the fat sources which are the quality ones to the protein powders. Coconut oil can also be used in the mix. These protein powders are available in many places, you can find them in medical stores general stores, supermarkets etc. even you can order them online also.

many types of protein powders


This keto diet is the most effective one undoubtedly and this is the way of bringing the weight loss which is long-term and also the meaningful with the improvement in the health totally and the keto diet is the thing where there are multiple challenges and they are been encountering day to day and the requirements of the protein needed to be met. This keto diet will restrict the carbohydrates and it will be advocating for the intake which is reasonable of the protein for many people and can be hard for obtaining unless the supplement with the protein powder which is the best one. You can do a small trial and error method whether for finding out that it is suitable for you or not. People make a lot of mistakes in following the ketogenic diet and also when finding out the best protein powders.

There are numerous benefits of this keto diet. But many people think that this diet will be equal to the diet of the low calorie and they will be starving for the achievement of the weight loss. This is not like that, but this will be restricting very small amount or degree of the calorie intake and the rest of the allotment of the calories will be taken up by the fats which are the beneficial ones and the protein. One more interesting fact is that the protein can break, or it can make many numbers of the diets and the physiques in this procedure or the process.


There are few to many ways in which the supplementation of the protein powder will make the keto diet better experience. First and the foremost thing is that the weight loss. This can be very much motivating thing because the weight which is the initial number will become less and this will come from the restriction of the carbohydrate, but it will become very hard for losing more calories.

The thermic effect is the thing for the weight loss and this is for the macronutrient for which the foods which are the protein-based are more significant. The effect which is the thermic effect will be referring to the number of the calories which are used or necessary for the complete processor for the metabolism by the human body. For the proteins, the calorie amount will take the procedure which is between the numbers twenty to thirty-five percent of the value of the calorie and so if you are consuming thousand calories from the source of the protein then you are using two hundred to three fifty calories.

Give Me Time And I’ll Show You The Best Anti-Estrogen Supplement

When it comes to the best anti-estrogen supplement we're disappointed.

There are many on the market but the results they produce are minimal and vary greatly.

From our research, we haven't found one spectacular product but a host of subpar supplements.

Before we get to the reviews let's step back and look at estrogen blocking supplements in more detail.

What Is Estrogen

Estrogen is a hormone responsible for increasing enzymes, storing glycogen, repairing muscle tissue, regulating the menstrual cycle, warding off urinary tract infections, raising levels of growth hormone and insulin, support mood, alertness and much more (1).

So estrogen is responsible for a lot.

Is it a good idea to block it?

With higher levels of estrogen some people get a lot of negative side effects like thyroid dysfunction, weight gain, low sex drive, fluid retention and breast cancer (2). 

What Are Estrogen Blockers And How Do They Work?

Estrogen blockers are a group of drugs/natural ingredients that reduce either the production and/or effects of estrogen in your body.

In other words, they either suppress your natural estrogen production or make the estrogen that you produce unable to affect your body

How To Choose An Estrogen Blocker

When picking an estrogen blocker you need to be sure exactly what results you are looking for.

From our research many of the products claiming estrogen blocking work in different ways.

For example, some help with weight loss, some increased strength, some eliminate acne and some don't do jack.

Decide on what you're looking for SPECIFICALLY and then check out our reviews below.

Top 4 Best Anti-Estrogen Supplements Reviewed

anablox xtreme

This product seems promising but has a long list of negatives.

For one, it causes headaches, constipation, and nausea.

Not promising for anyone looking to IMPROVE their health.

Another bad thing about these is they stink and don't come with labels.

I don't know about you but I want to know what I'm putting in my body.

Now for the good.

Many people have seen improved skin, mood, and recovery.

On top of that people report an increase in strength, weight loss, and restoration of the estrogen/testosterone balance.

Overall this seems like an ok product if you want to restore your estrogen and testosterone balance.

For someone just looking to lose weight or build muscle, there are much better supplements out there without the dreadful side effects.

  • check
    improves skin
  • check
    Weight Loss
  • check
    Improves Mood
  • check
    Restores Estrogen Testosterone Balance
  • check
    Increases Strength
  • check
    Increases Recovery
  • headaches
  • Nausea
  • No Muscle Growth 
  • No Labels
  • Constipation
  • Stink
estroblock pro

This product has some scary side effects.

One user reported chest pain, night sweats, and heart palpitations. 

We definitely recommend those with heart problems to stay clear of this one.

Aside from that, we have other complaints such as dehydration, headaches and a hefty price tag.

"Dang, is there anything good about this product?"

Well yes. It's extremely popular with the acne crowd. Lots of people reported clearer skin with this product.

It helped clear the skin of many people dealing with extreme acne.

If you struggle with acne and want an estrogen blocker to help in that area, this might be for you.

  • check
    Clears acne
  • chest pain
  • Night Sweats
  • Not For Those With Heart Issues
  • Pricy
  • Dehydration
  • Headaches

This seems to be a new product as it doesn't have many users. However, one person using it claims it doesn't block estrogen but simply balances it.

We can't say for sure.

There are a ton of positive reviews as well. People claim it helped with weight loss, increased energy, reduced fluid retention, lowered anxiety, stabilizes mood and increases sleep quality.

However, the jury is still out on this one so proceed cautiously. 

  • check
    Helps with weight loss
  • check
    Improved energy
  • check
    Less fluid retention
  • check
    Lowers anxiety
  • check
    Stabilizes mood
  • check
    Better sleep
  • Doesn't block estrogen just balances it
  • Not many reviews
pct power

From our research, this product is one of the worst. It looks cheap, has a strong smell/taste and didn't show many benefits.

Also, one user reported their bottle wasn't sealed which is just negligent.

There are a couple of positive reviews though. People claim better sleep, muscle preservation, and increased libido.

All in all, I'd stay away from this one...

  • check
    Better sleep
  • check
    Muscle preservation
  • check
    Increases libido
  • Looks cheap
  • Negligent company
  • Strong smell and taste


Finding an estrogen blocker is like digging for gold.

You don't know where you'll strike it big. Or if you'll strike it at all.

Many of the estrogen blockers available are useless to be honest.

If you MUST use one find one that meets a specific result you're looking for. 

Best Weight Gainer for Skinny Guys

So you're looking for the best weight gainer for skinny guys?

Chances are you're a skinny guy tired of being weak and skinny, am I right?

Let's face it being weak and skinny sucks!

Americans today tend to believe that being skinny is attractive.

In fact, according to CNN "A new study says women are more likely to instantly find these guys attractive because they're thin." (1)

The essence of CNN's argument is that recent studies show women are attracted to skinny men.

I think CNN is mistaken because they overlook the fact that women are attracted to masculinity and nothing could be less masculine than a weak, skinny man.

Imagine for a minute that you're with your girl at a restaurant.

All of a sudden another man comes over and starts flirting with her.

You tell him she's taken and insist he backs off.

Taking a look at your frame he quickly dismisses you and continues to talk to your girl.

Now you're getting angry. But there's one problem... The guy is 3x your size.

What do you do?

If you let him continue your girl will begin to think less of YOU.

On the other hand, you could get physical with him and risk having your butt kicked in front of everyone, girlfriend included.

Your anger gets the best of you and you punch the guy in the face.

He quickly retaliates and DESTROYS you.

You become really embarrassed and leave the restaurant bruised up and beaten.

And your girl? Sad to say she's impressed by the other guy's strength and dominance.

She begins to lose respect for you and the relationship spirals downhill.

Apparently, she doesn't believe you can defend her...

Now you're heartbroken and furious.

Some of you reading probably think the guy was an a-hole and your girl wasn't loyal.

But the problem is not them... IT'S YOU.

Although I grant that your girl doesn't seem loyal and that the guy was being a dick I still maintain that men will take advantage of you if you're weak and skinny and women won't find a weak man attractive.

It's all your fault...

You didn't take the time to become strong and powerful.

But keep reading because I'm going to give you some life changing tips on how you can get bigger and put some muscle on...

Sound good?

Let's continue.

I've always believed that to get bigger and stronger you have to eat everything in sight and workout 24/7.

Watching videos of bodybuilders eating huge meals 6x a day might have had something to do with it.

Or the fact that many websites tell you to eat eat eat.

The part I overlooked, however, was WHAT they were eating.

It's true bodybuilders eat a lot and that you'll need to increase your calories above maintenance levels to get bigger.

But you need to do that by eating nutritional food that will help your body build lean mass.

Sure you can binge on ice cream and burger king for months but you won't look big and strong.

You'll look fat and sloppy.

In order to put on muscle, you need to make sure you get the right amount of macronutrients.

Basically what I'm saying is to get big and strong you need to eat more calories than you burn and those calories need to come from the right amount of protein, fats, and carbs. 

What if you don't know what macronutrients you need?

Don't worry.

At the end of this post, I'll link to the best calorie calculator to figure out exactly what your needs are.

Once you know your numbers you need to hit them consistently.

Combine that with the right training and you'll be well on your way to packing on tons of lean muscle.


Who Else Is Looking For The Best Protein Powders for Breakfast?

You make many choices during your day, but what you choose to have for breakfast is likely your most important decision.

There are many options that you can select from, whether carbohydrate- (bread and cereals), or protein-based (eggs or meats) or possibly low-calorie.

Your selection will have the greatest impact on your level of energy, mental acuity and chance to lose weight over any other decision you can make.

Men especially have specific nutritional needs to jump-start their day and the following five protein breakfast powders are the most popular selections:

Benefits Of Having Protein For Breakfast

If you go 7-10 hours during the day without eating you will likely develop a hearty appetite.

This is essentially what you are doing every night; why do you think they call it ‘break-fast’? 

Because you are breaking your nightly fast to revitalize your calorie and fluid requirements in the morning.

Depending on your age and activity level, you will have different nutritional and caloric requirements contingent on the activity of choice. 

For strenuous activities and work-outs you will want to include carbohydrates for your muscles to burn, but also protein to re-build those muscles after exercising. 

For example, whey protein isolate, the most bio-accessible protein that can be purchased, is found in four of the popular protein powders on our list. 

Why is whey protein a good ingredient for a breakfast drink? 

A beneficial ingredient in breakfast powders – Whey protein isolate

Whey protein isolate is the most bio-available of all protein sources and contains the highest percentage of the nine essential amino acids (EAA)—those that the body does not manufacture and must obtain from dietary sources. 

Whey is also high in the branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s) that are needed for tissue repair and immune system support.

A whey protein isolate sourced from grass-fed cows is approximately 90% protein, and 99% lactose-free (1).

Consuming a top-level breakfast protein product can provide the essential amino acids to ensure metal stamina, prepare your muscles for a strenuous work-out, OR provide your muscles with the essential elements necessary to repair themselves after working out. 

This is all possible using the ingredient - whey protein isolate.

The four whey-based, and single plant protein-based breakfast powders listed above are compared and reviewed in this article.

Breakfast Protein Powder Selection Guide 

If you want to feel and perform your best day after day, your protein needs must be met, especially in the morning.

Doing so is easy with a delicious and healthy protein powder.

Protein powders are not only for top athletes and doing serious work-outs, but also for anyone interested in increasing their protein intake, while also lowering the level of calories consumed to aid weight-loss.

To select the best protein powder, be it, for yourself, your partner or for a family member, there are many different factors and aims to consider.

Age, health condition, limiting medical concerns (diabetic or lactose-intolerant) and level of physical activity (i.e. before a strenuous working-out OR working at your desk-job) are all factors to be evaluated before making your selection. 

Important Ingredients To Consider

Other beneficial ingredients to consider when choosing a breakfast powder include:

Lecithin – A healthy fat used as source of choline, which helps dissolve other lipids and cholesterol and can help regulate your kidney, liver and gallbladder functions.

L-Glutamine – The most abundant amino acid found in muscles, L-glutamine is essential for a multitude of recovery processes but is rapidly depleted during intense exercise. 

Its role in glycogen synthesis (carbohydrate storage) and the repair and rebuilding of muscle tissue are among its many important functions.

It also contributes to growth hormone release and is a key component for intestinal and immune system health.

Stevia – A natural, calorie-free sweetener from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana, a plant native to Central and South America, does not affect blood sugar levels or contribute to tooth decay like sugar does.

Additional factors to be taken into account include whether the protein powder is free of lactose, fat, gluten and added sugar or is sourced from grass-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic-free cows.

A lactose-free product is important for those people who are lactose-sensitive, because of possible negative, low-energy or allergic reactions.

Likewise, fat, gluten and added sugar will contribute unnecessary calories, and undermine any weight-loss benefits.

Whether you prefer your protein shakes to be flavored or plain is also an important factor in finding the most desirable protein product for you.

How To Choose The Best Powder For You

There are many protein products to choose from for a variety of purposes.

By knowing your needs, preferences and goals, you will be able to find the best breakfast protein product to add to your breakfast regimen.

Once you have decided the type of activity, the level of energy required and the most important ingredients, you are ready to make your choice by taking all the listed factors into consideration.

The following section will cover the benefits of five of the most often selected protein powder mixes on the market.

picture of a protein shake in a cup with oatmeal inside

Top 5 Protein Powders For Breakfast

The following list includes some of the most popular protein mixes available:

legion whey protein powder

Legion Whey+ is a popular choice among consumers being sugar- and lactose-free, as well as, a low-carb and low-fat protein product.

The different flavors available are also preferential, like chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, among others.

Purchasers of Legion Whey+ liked the fact that this product contains un-denatured whey proteins which means it dissolves easily and because this powder is hormone, pesticide, gluten and sugar-free, plus is non-GMO.

Also, the high level of proteins(22g) and low level of carbohydrates(2g) per serving make it ideal for weight-loss

  • check
    22 grams of quality protein
  • check
    Tastes good
  • check
    Many flavors
  • check
  • check
    Low carb
  • check
    Low fat
  • check
    No artificial flavoring
  • Price
alpha iso protein powder

Alpha-ISO is a preferred choice by users due to the higher protein levels per serving (27g) necessary for peak performance, which is also ideal for losing weight.

Protein shakes make for great meal replacements unless they are high in lactose and cheap sugars.

The whey isolate used in this product is a significantly more purified version of whey protein and has a higher protein content per weight with low levels of carbs or fats.

Alpha ISO’s high-quality ingredients prove very effective for customers’ weight loss goals, or for building muscle.

  • check
    27 grams of protein
  • check
    Low carbs
  • check
    Low fat
  • Taste
musclepharm combat protein powder

MusclePharm Protein Powder is a popular choice among body-builders and serious athletes.

Consumers preferred the higher protein level (25g per serving) from 5 different protein sources that are a mix of fast and slow digesting to fuel muscles and performance during a work-out and afterwards.

The added egg albumin, micellar casein, BCAAs, glutamine, and digestive enzymes make for an excellent product for serious athletes.

They will also like the fact that this product is tested to ensure that it does not contain any banned substances and is safe to use; besides the award-winning flavors that mix easily with milk or other drinks. 

  • check
    25 grams of protein
  • check
    Great tasting
  • check
    Many flavors to choose from
  • check
  • Hard to mix
  • Causes gas
Natural Force® Organic Whey Protein Powder

Natural Force Organic Whey Protein is the purest example of a whey-based protein powder, which makes it a preferred choice among choosy consumers.

This mix has only three ingredients: whey protein powder, flavoring and stevia for sweetness, all from organic sources.

This product is USDA Organic certified, using grass-fed whey protein powder in natural flavors like Cacao Bean, Vanilla Bean, and Coffee Bean.

Users of this product also preferred the non-GMO, gluten-free and kosher aspects using the best ingredients available, without containing any artificial sweeteners such as sucralose or acesulfame. 

  • check
    20 grams of protein
  • check
  • check
  • check
  • check
  • Expensive
  • Hard to mix
  • Tasteless
Garden of Life Organic Meal Replacement

Consumers of Garden of Life protein shake use it exactly for the intended purpose, as a meal replacement to aid weight-loss.

They prefer the high protein level with 28 grams of lean, complete plant protein powder to support weight-loss diets.

Additional ingredients of green coffee bean extract, chromium and organic cinnamon help to burn fat, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and lose weight.

As a meal replacement shake this beneficial supplement provides 36% of the adult daily value of high-quality protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber to provide complete nutrition.

Other advantageous properties of Garden of Life protein powder include being organic, kosher, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, with non-GMO plant protein and it comes in four flavors: chocolate, coffee, vanilla and original.

Besides the fact that this product has a lower sodium count with an incredible amount of fiber, protein and all ingredients which are raw and sprouted.

  • check
    28 grams of protein
  • check
    Lots of fiber
  • check
  • check
    Low sodium
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Vitamins and Minerals
  • Only 4 flavors
  • Tastes gritty


There are many protein powder products to choose from to meet different objectives and aims.

By knowing your needs, preferences and goals, you will be able to choose the most effective breakfast protein product to add to your breakfast regimen.

How to Succeed As A Student Athlete

Being A Student Athlete Is Tough

Back when I was in college I played basketball and boy was life tough. 

I would wake up early, go to classes, play ball, more classes, hang out with friends, do homework, go to sleep and do it all over again.  

It felt like a never ending cycle. 

I barely had time to eat with so much on my schedule. 

It takes a few different skills to excel at being a student athlete. 

If you don't master these you'll likely start to fail at school, sports or both. 

How To Manage Sports And School

Here are 5 skills you must master in order to succeed as a student athlete. 

1. Focus

You must be able to focus on whatever task is at hand. 

Not focusing and getting things done right will cause you time because you'll have to go back and do it right. 

When it's time to get your school work done, get your school work done! 

Find a quiet place and handle your business. 

Use your phones do not disturb mode and get away from your friends. 

When it's time for practice, practice! And practice hard. 

Clear your mind of any distractions by taking deep breaths. 

Also have your goals and priorites in order. 

You should know exactly what you have to accomplish to move forward.

So use your time to focus on that!

2. Time Management

Managing time will allow you to make the most of it.

Oversleeping and missing class or practice is a rabbit hole to destruction.

Use timers and calendars to make sure you are set up for success.

Have class time, study time and practice time all mapped out.

Let others know when you'll be unavailable ahead of time.

Also, make sure to clock in some time for your friends and family.

It's important to have some time to wind down and relax.

I recommend getting things done early in the morning.

That's when most of us are alert and have the most energy. 

It's easy to wake up take a best pre workout for athletes, head to the gym and go to class.

It's also a good idea to schedule a time to schedule.

Having time set aside to plan your year, month, week, and day is crucial to success.

Bottom Line:

You have to know exactly when and what you are doing because we are always doing something but is that something helping you reach your goals?

3. Maintain a Can-do Attitude

Staying positive and taking the driver seat is the only way to get where you're going.

Understand you'll be met with tons of challenges during your semester and know you can rise above each and every one of them.

When things go bad figure out how to make them right FAST.

Don't make excuses, don't blame others.

Got a bad grade on a test? Find out why. And Fix it.

Maybe you need to study more, maybe you need to visit the professor outside of class.

Whatever it is, YOU have to do it.

4. Eat Right

I know its hard to find time to eat or prepare meals.

But guess what?

YOU don't have a choice.

Being a student-athlete means demanding more from your body.

Since that's the case you'll have to properly fuel your body.

The last thing you need is to get sick or injured.

Stock up on healthy, nutritious foods.

Protein, complex carbs, fruits, and veggies.

Use protein powders or bars to supplement for when you don't have time.

YouTube is a great place to find many quick, healthy recipes.

5. Balance

You have to do your best in balancing your life.

Make sure you get your school work done first and foremost.

You can't play sports if you aren't in school.

Once you're on top of that find out how you can help your team win. And set a time to practice.

Lastly, make sure your friends and family are in your life.

Keep them updated with what's going on in your life and goals.

A good support system makes getting things done easier.

What Do You Think? Leave A Comment Below 🙂

Best Green Smoothies For Weight Loss

Green Smoothies have come into their own recently.

A variation on the traditional fruit smoothie, they're associated with weight loss and muscle building, along with the general aura of good health.

Below are some of the best books that detail how to make green smoothies and why they're great for weight loss. 

What is a green smoothie?

Most people are familiar with the composition of the smoothie.

In general, you take any combination of fruit, place it in a blender, and pulverize it into liquid form.

Optional ingredients include anything from milk to ice.

Sometimes honey, yogurt or other sweeteners are used.

The combinations are literally endless, and only the taste buds know the limits.

The chief quality of a smoothie is that the ingredients are crushed, rather than being juiced or strained.

This leaves the fiber intact and includes it in the final drink.

The Green Smoothie adds the distinction of making green vegetables its chief component.

The greens are usually somewhere around fifty percent of the main ingredients.

Fruit and sweeteners are kept in the blend to offset the generally bitter taste of raw vegetables.

Since vegetables carry even more vitamins and minerals then fruits (and far fewer calories), these drinks have become a staple for people interested in good health and strength training. 

green smoothies

Smoothie History

The smoothie first made its appearance around 1930.

The name 'smoothie' appeared shortly thereafter.

As mentioned earlier, the drink is a product of the invention of the blender.

Fountain shops and small stores made it a part of their repertoire in the 60's.

In the 1970's and 80's branded businesses popped up, until the drink became a common fixture.

Almost since the beginning, some version of the green smoothie variety was present.

Green smoothies now have as many iterations as their fruity counterparts, with athletes and fitness buffs playing a huge part in their rise in popularity.

How Does The Green Smoothie Help Lose Weight?

Ingredients are the real reason Green Smoothies help with weight loss.

Some of the many variations include avocados, berries, cayenne pepper and coconut oil. Spinach is a popular ingredient, as is celery, kale, cucumbers, and parsley.

Ingredients like these give green smoothies their characteristic color.

While many associate the green hue with vegetable juice, it's now an indicator of a fresh new taste, that can be as nutritious as it is delicious.

Smoothies follow the general rules of thumb other foods and beverages do: what you put in, is what you get out.

Without adding fat or needless sugar, the green smoothie is lower on calories.

Most green smoothie makers suggest you start with fewer green vegetables, so you get accustomed to the new bitter taste slowly.

Other suggestions include:

1. Experimenting

Try different combinations until you come up with blends that work for you, both in terms of nutrition and taste.

2. Make Your Smoothie A Meal

Add ingredients that have substance, such as heavy vegetables, healthy fats and even the right powdered supplements.

3. Remove Hard Items That Don't Digest

These include seeds and pits, as well as hulls or skins that traditionally are more coverings than they are skins.

4. Drink Your Smoothie Immediately

Smoothies are freshest just after they're made.

Though they retain a lot of nutritional value when stored, it's nothing like what you get if you drink it right after it's been made.

Does Detoxing Help With Weight Loss?

green smoothies for weight loss

​The 'Detox Smoothie' is generally just another way of saying the 'Green Smoothie'.

If you keep the sugar and fat at a minimum, a green smoothie gives you nutrition without an excess of calories.

This inevitably leads to weight loss, assuming you have a reasonably active lifestyle. 

If you cut white flower and grains from your diet and increase the amount of fiber you'll ultimately lose weight. 

Keep in mind that diet and exercise remain the undisputed champs for weight loss and healthy living.

Are There Any Dangers To Green Smoothie Use?

An often reported side effect of concentrating on green smoothies is the build-up of alkaloids.

Heavy leafy green diets often result in that increase.

This outcome can be avoided by switching up the type of vegetables in the smoothie.

Different leafy greens, or other vegetables altogether, carry different concentrations when combined in a smoothie.

Changing every few weeks, especially in conjunction with the natural growing season, usually takes care of the alkaloid problem.

Another issue is the build-up of oxalates.

These substances produce an acid that can lead to kidney stones.

People with high risk should monitor their intake.

As stated earlier, avoiding excess fats and sweets is also suggested.

rotate greens for smoothies

Five Books With Recipes And Suggestions 

Here are five popular books on how to make Green Smoothies.

10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

In the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by JJ Smith you'll find more than 100 Recipes for Green Smoothies.

The book gives details on how to lose 10-15 lbs in in just 10 days.

Last but not least you'll learn How to Train the Body to Crave Natural Food.

The book is Available in Paperback, Audiobook, Spiral-bound and eBook making it easy to devour the information. 

This best selling book provides an in-depth understanding of how to make Green Smoothies that have good nutrition and taste.

It's a detailed weight-loss book, that uses Green Smoothies to make a lifestyle change in order to achieve good health.

The author is a national weight loss and nutrition expert.

This is one of those rare books that promises something attainable, then delivers on providing the roadmap to attain it.

As always with a how-to book, the reader must actually follow through.

  • check
    Lots of recipes
  • check
    Available in many prints 
  • check
    Includes diet plan
  • May have to tweak diet to fit your needs
simple green smoothies

In Simple Green Smoothies: 100+ Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great in Your Body you'll find over a 100 green smoothie recipes. 

The authors are mothers who took their experiences and turned them into a website and best-selling book.

Many of their recipes have been tried and tested by hundreds of their followers. 

This is a great book for anyone raising a family and looking for a quick and simple way to get adequate nutrition. 

They don't guarantee weight loss per say but if you follow a good diet and exercise regimen you may lose weight. 

No hype here all the positive reviews are from people actually getting results. 

This book can be purchased in print or ebook form. 

  • check
    More than 100 recipes
  • check
    Realistic expectations
  • check
    Millions have followed this plan
  • No weight loss plan
green for life victoria boutenko

Green for Life is a book written by an inventor and researcher.

The book does a good job explaining why and how green smoothies work. 

The book is a well researched volume that is bigger on information than the latest cute recipe.

It gives some of the scientific data backing up the enthusiast's claims about green smoothies.

It bases a lot of its information on the research of the author, who saved some of her family member's lives using her methods.

The book does well with scientific data.

It also does a great job of making a very personal story approachable, even when it touches on tragic aspects.

However, this is not the book for you if you want a collection of recipes, though is has several good ones detailed inside. 

  • check
    Valuable research
  • check
    Explains green smoothies
  • check
    Great for living a healthier lifestyle 
  • Not many recipies
fern green detox smoothies

If you're looking for an amazing recipe book Green Smoothies may be it. 

Packed with 66 concise, tasty recipes, this book will make you a smoothie expert in no time. 

  • check
    66 recipes​​​​
  • check
    Really cool pictures
  • check
    Available in print and ebook
  • Not much besides recipies
big book of juicing

If you're new to green smoothies 'The Big Book of Juicing' may be just what you need. 

This is a full color comprehensive book complete with 150 recipes. 

This is a good beginners book.

It's concise, easy to read and has an attractive layout.

The recipes involve everyday, easy to find items, and include hardware that's affordable and easy to use.

  • check
    Great for beginners
  • check
    Full color
  • check
    Lots of recipes
  • Heavy


The winner here is the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse.

Simple Green Smoothies and Green for Life are very close seconds.

10-Day Cleanse gives us the total package we want.

It has good information.

It's written by a knowledgeable author, who covers all the bases.

It also gives us great recipes, that we can use making our own great Green Smoothies.

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