How To Find The Right Chest Workout for Skinny Guys

Chest Workout for Skinny Guys

The best chest workout for skinny guys will have a few key factors.

In this post I’ll cover what it takes to build the ultimate chest workout.

The first thing we’ll cover is goals, then we’ll discuss exercises, weight & rep range and finally rest.

This is what it takes to build a huge, wide chest.

Lets dive in.

Building strength is the goal

Make your goal to get as strong as possible. A big muscular chest is the byproduct of a strong powerful chest.

Focus on increasing your strength on compound exercises like the bench press for example.

This will give your chest the push it needs to grow.

Increasing strength means coming to every workout focused and ready to lift.

Best exercises for building a strong chest

To build a strong chest focus on these exercises:

  • Incline Bench Press
  • Incline Dumbell Bench Press
  • Flat Barbell Bench Press

These lifts are great for targeting the chest muscles.

If you don’t have access to a gym or barbells you can do diamond push ups and dips (chest variation).

Lift as much weight as you can

Chest Workout for Skinny Guys

The thing about being skinny is you won’t have much muscle in the beginning.

However, that’s not a big deal.

Focus on consistently improving in your lifts. It doesn’t matter how much you have on the bar now.

I remember starting at 20 pounds on the bench press. Who cares.

I kept increasing the weight and the muscle came along slowly but surely.

This isn’t a sprint, building muscle takes time and consistency.

Lifting as heavy as you can will force your muscles to grow.

Along with a proper diet YOU WILL GAIN MUSCLE.

Aim for 4-6 reps

Since we’re going heavy you won’t be able to do many reps.

Studies show working in this rep range is very productive for muscle building.

Go for 3 working sets of 4-6 heavy reps and you’ll be golden.

Make sure to get your rest!

Over training is real.

I used to think it was a myth.

Until one day my body just had enough.

I was so fatigued and sore it was unreal.

I could hardly get outta bed.

Eating nutritional food and sleeping 7-8 hours a day is what it takes to recover.

Also don’t hurt yourself in the gym.

Listen to your body. If it needs a day off then give it a break.

Taking a day off is better than over training, getting injured and taking months off.

Just don’t fall off the wagon.


Skinny guys looking to build a strong big chest need to do 5 things:

  • Set realistic goals (increase strength)
  • Perform the right exercises (incline bench press, incline dumbbell bench press and bench press)
  • Lift heavy
  • Work in the 4-6 rep range
  • Get enough rest so the body recovers

I hope you found this post about Chest Workouts for Skinny Guys helpful.

2 thoughts on “How To Find The Right Chest Workout for Skinny Guys”

  1. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your article. I will be passing this onto my husband as he needs all the help he can get. Its good to see that there are exercises out there for the skinny guy as most of the time all you can find is stuff on how to loose weight, not bulk up. Can woman use these exercises to ? Thanks again Joanne

  2. Hi Mohamed,

    Very informative post about using the right chest workout to build a big chest! I completely agree with you that building a big chest means you have to be strong with your incline and bench presses.

    What do you think about isolation exercises such as cable or machine fly?


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