7 Tips To Start Building An Ectomorph Muscle Building Workout

An ectomorph muscle building workout is the best way for skinny guys to put on mass.

In this post I’ll talk about liquid diets, form, isolation exercises, dirty bulking, looking good all year round, clean eating and when to start cutting.

ectomorph muscle building workout

Lets dive in.

1. Incorporate Liquid Diets

ectomorph muscle building workout

Before focusing on the gym we need to make sure we’re getting enough calories.

The best way I’ve found to get adequate amounts of calories is liquid diets.

I do a veggie and fruit smoothie every morning.

Depending on my meal plan for the week I make it with spinach, berries, apples, bananas, dates, and honey.

Sometimes I’ll add in more carbs like raisins or different veggies like broccoli and kale.

It’s very easy to take down and makes getting the extra calories I need a breeze.

If you’re having a hard time eating more try adding in some liquid meals.

I’d stay away from most weight gainers because the extra calories are just more sugars. Not worth the price imo.

Also don’t forget about the protein supplements.

Whey and casein shakes are two great sources of quick protein.

2. Focus on form – FOF


I consider it a pillar of muscle building because it makes sure you’re targeting the right muscle.

Otherwise you won’t work the muscle out and it won’t grow.

Form is also the best way to avoid injuries.

3. Ditch isolation exercises

In the grand scheme of things isolation exercises aren’t what we’ll focus on.

You see isolation exercises only work one muscle at a time and these are usually smaller muscle groups.

To gain lots of muscle fast we need to work on compound exercises. These work multiple muscle groups at once giving us more bang for our buck.

Time spent doing compound movements will pay off much more than isolation exercises.

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4. Don’t dirty bulk

Dirty bulking is eating everything in sight and thinking its ok because “you’re bulking.”

I find it counter productive and unnecessary.

It just adds more work for you to do later when it comes time to cut and reveal all the muscle you’ve been working on.

If you need a cheat meal to stay on track I understand but try to bulk while eating clean 95% of the time.

5. Aim to look good all year long

A clean bulk will enable you to look good almost all year long.

You won’t have as much body fat on you and the new muscle you’re putting on will be slightly visible.

Plus who wants to look like a fat gummy bear for half of the year?

6. Always eat clean

A clean diet means eating nutritious foods in moderation.

You should calculate your calorie needs and strive to reach your numbers each day.

A big misconception people have is thinking eating clean means not enjoying food.

The truth is when you learn how to make healthy delicious foods you’ll enjoy eating even more.

Not only that but your body will feel much different.

You’ll have more energy and see results quicker than dirty bulking.

Things like sweet potato fries, baked chicken, salmon and tuna salad are all delicious nutritious options.

7. Bulk until the abs fade

I like to bulk until about 15-17% body fat.

This gives me enough time to pack on a decent amount of muscle before cutting down and restarting the process.

Another advantage of the clean bulk is you’ll be able to bulk longer.

8. Key exercises to include in an Ectomorph Muscle Building Workout

  • Bench press
  • Military press
  • Squat
  • Deadlift


Here’s a summary of what we just covered:

  • Use liquids to increase calorie intake
  • Pay special attention to form
  • Skip the isolation exercises
  • Forget about dirty bulking
  • Aim to look good all year long by eating right
  • Eat nutritious foods
  • Bulk until you get to 17% body fat
  • Focus on the core compound lifts

I hope this post about building an Ectomorph Muscle Building Workout was helpful.

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2 thoughts on “7 Tips To Start Building An Ectomorph Muscle Building Workout”

  1. Very useful info. I have used smoothies in the past and they were quite effective for healthy weight gain.

    As for the point you made about looking good all year round, I fully endorse this. Just wanted to remind your readers that keeping your bulking in check will help to minimize stretch marks in the long run

  2. Good point Michelle.

    Yes I love the smoothies they’re so delicious and full of nutrients 🙂

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