Female Toning Workout Plan

Many women’s wish to do exercises and diet plans specially designed to tone their body. If you are searching for toning workout recommended for women, then you are at the right place. You can get lean, toned, and sculpted when you follow the effective workout plan. 

You can also avoid getting bulky, big, and manly. It is the suitable time to know and ensure how to get toned devoid of getting bulky. You have to build lean muscle which makes your body look toned, slim, feminine, and sexy.  

The main things for an effective toning workout 

Women in the fitness center understand and make certain a good combination of lightweight, high reps, and toning exercises is helpful a lot to achieve the toned body within a short period. 

You can lift light weight objects for high reps on the best suitable exercise to increase the lean muscle mass. The most important things to design the effective toning workout plan are as follows.

  • Lift light weight only
  • Involve high reps only
  • Involve the right toning exercises
  • Target the right areas 

If you do not want to build bulky muscles, then you have to avoid too heavy objects to be used in the lifting exercises.  You can include the lightweight objects and engage in lifting and other weight based exercises. You have to increase the rep range to get the desired type and texture of the muscle tissues you build. 

This is worthwhile to do the right toning exercises like the machine, barbell, dumbbell, and body weight exercises for various fitness goals. You must target the right areas to get toned especially backs of the arms, butt, stomach, legs or thighs, and so on. 

Workout A 

Pencil Bench Press

It is like a usual dumbbell or barbell bench press. However, you must hold a pencil in each hand as you have to use the lightweight object. You can do 3 sets of 50 reps. 

Scarf Back Squats 

You can use a lovely lightweight scarf as an alternative of heavy barbell on your back to perform squats. This approach gives you the resistance you need. You can do 4 sets of 25 reps to do this exercise. 

Blank handed bent over rows

You have to move into the position and you usually do for turned over dumbbell rows and replace the full-size scary dumbbells with your own empty hands. You can do 3 sets of 42 reps and get the desired benefits. 

Pink dumbbell circuit 

You can select 3 to 5 dumbbell exercises at random and does such exercise in a circuit using the lightweight dumbbells weigh 2lbs each as maximum.   

1000 crunches 

You have to literally do 1000 crunches to tone your tummy and get the desired flat belly as quickly as possible. 

Workout B

Ziploc Bag Deadlifts

You can use either Ziploc bag or any resealable plastic bag of the same type and fill it with air by properly blowing into it and zipping it up almost immediately. Now, place the bag on the floor before you and deadlift it for the particular number of sets and reps especially 5 sets of 15 reps. 

Overhead Hair presses

Pull out one single strand of your long hair and press it overhead same as you do during the barbell shoulder press. You can use two strands of hair and use one in each hand to do this exercise when you have short hair or thick eyebrows.  You have to do 3 sets of 20 reps. 

Paper kickbacks

Paper kickbacks are same as the usual tricep kickbacks. You hold a piece of paper rather than lightweight dumbbells. You can do 5 sets of 38 reps. 

Soup can curls

You can bicep curls with soup cans and get the desired assistance for the toned body. You can do this exercise for 3 sets of 25 reps. 

Endless hours of cardio 

You can get on a treadmill at the end of the workout and do moderate steady cardio as long as you can. You can get the sexy feminine body from the endless hours of cardio. 

Make an informed decision 

In the first week of the toning workout plan for women, you have to start the workout An on Monday, Tuesday – off, Wednesday – workout B, Thursday – off, Friday – workout A, Saturday and Sunday – off.   In the second week, you have to start the workout B on Monday, Tuesday – off, Wednesday – workout A, Thursday – off, Friday – workout B, Saturday and Sunday – off.