Foam Roller Reviews

How to Use Foam Rollers Safe And Effectively

foam rollers for gym

You will need some time to be familiar with foam rollers. The workouts are quite simple and there is no major risk or danger but you cannot embark on an extensive routine right from day one.

Your body will need to get accustomed to the contortions. You may or may not have a perfect poise. Your core muscles may not be strong enough and your bodyweight may not be ideal.

It is best to be safe in the initial days rather than prioritize effectiveness, only to get injured in the process.

Anyone who has a serious health condition, physiological or musculoskeletal and vascular, neurological or other illnesses should consult their doctor before working out with foam rollers.

If you have chronic pain anywhere in your body, consult a physician and get their approval. People suffering from any heart disease should also exercise caution.

Use foam rollers after a normal workout. It could be a long brisk walk, a jog or some workouts at the gym. Your muscles need to be warmed up enough to be supple.

Else, your soft tissues will not be as effectively treated by the pressure applied by your body weight when you lay on the roller and move back and forth or sideways.

You need to rest your body on the soft tissues. Do not position your body along joints or bones. You have to target the soft tissues while rolling as that would release the tension and improve the range of motion. The purpose of foam rollers is to loosen or release knots in soft tissues.

Always be gentle when you roll, sideways or up and down. Target the muscle specifically. Do not be random with the rolling.

You should keep the pressure on the muscle that needs to be relaxed and flexed. You should focus on this affected area till you can feel the muscle or soft tissues relax.

You should feel the area softening when it relaxes. You may experience some discomfort initially. This is common so there is no need to worry, unless you feel some pain.

The affected area may feel a little tender after the first workout or some sessions. Do not worry as it is normal. Try to limit the first few sessions to fifteen minutes or less.

You can choose to rest one day between two sessions for the first week or fortnight. Stay hydrated. Increase the frequency and intensity in due course of time.

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