How to Build a Bigger and Rounder Butt in 4 Weeks

Most of the people would like to be stronger, taller and have a smaller nose, a flatter tummy and bigger breasts, etc. This guide is about how to build a bigger and rounder butt in a short period. Luckily, this is somewhat you can obtain without even putting too much effort and trouble. It will also need some dedication and attempt, but practically anyone can perform it very simply. First of all, you should know where you begin and what you have to do to obtain a bubble butt. There are few different things you can perform to obtain a round and frisky butt. 

Basically, the buttocks are made up of muscle as well as fat. Strengthening the muscles will also make your boot bigger, rounder and stronger too. If the small changes are what you are after, the exercise is all you really want. When it comes to discussing about the bubble butts, you need to think of really well rounded and big booties. In order to obtain that muscle alone is not sufficient; you also want to include some fat to it. This fat will also include a fair bit if volume to your body and also the firm muscles will keep it round and strong. So, you always want to obtain the fat and muscle on your booties. 

Ways to achieve a rounder, bigger and sexier butt

If you are looking for the excellent ways to obtain a perfect toned gluteus, there are few good exercises available that can assist you obtain a rounder, bigger and sexier butt without even want to step out of your home. Below are those butt exercises that can be proven to successful.


There are multiple forms of lunges available, so you want the one that suits you best. One of the most fundamental lunges is drop knee version, which is also one of the most complex ones. You can even utilize the hand weights in such exercise, if you really feel that you want more strength.


The squats are really good exercise that activates the gluteus maximums and gluteus mediums. Also, the squats are best for the thighs and hips as well. If you need a back support, you can simply make use of the ball, which could assist you obtain into an accurate position without even hurting your knees. 

Step ups

Still, many of the people are unsure about whether these exercises can work obviously. The step ups always work on the hamstrings and gluteus. For this exercise to work more efficiently, you want to ensure that you are stepping on a platform, which is good, sufficient and if possible fifteen inches to trigger the muscle fibers. To include more intensity to this exercise, you can simply hold the dumbbells. 

Quadrupled hip extensions

This specific exercise always enables you to contract the gluteus muscles. The quadrupled hip extensions can work ultimately and they mainly target the gluteus maximum. You can also make use of the ankle weights to improve the intensity. 

One legged squats

These one legged squats can assist to activate the gluteus medius and maximums. As like lunges, there are many ways that you can do this one legged squat. If you want more intensity, you can just select a version that offers a greater range of motion and also more challenging as well. 

Multi-hip extension 

This exercise mainly targets the gluteus medius and maximums along with the hamstrings. This machine can be a quite tricky and hence, it would be wise to obtain a professional to assist you with the essential adjustments. 

Therefore, the above mentioned exercises can definitely assist you obtain your goals. You just remember to begin slowly and then improve your intensity with the time, plan your exercise routine and also keep in mind about your fitness capabilities and goals as well. If you really workout daily for at least half an hour, no doubt, you will surely have the rounder, bigger and sexier butts. Despite of this, you should also eat and practice routinely and begin working out to obtain the perfect toned and round butt. During your workouts, you can wear the padded underwear for additional oomph, which is good enough for you.