How to Build Incredible Leg Strength Fast!

Looking to Build Powerful Legs Fast?

It's not just runners who need powerful legs. In fact, many athletes can benefit from having stronger legs.

Any sport that includes running requires powerful leg muscles.

Stronger legs not only allow for quick bursts of speed but also produce endurance benefits. 

how to develop strong leg muscles

However, not many people know how to build real leg strength. You'll often find people skipping out on leg day which is a real shame. 

Before we get into the exercises let's talk about 1 important factor for developing a powerful lower body.


Here's why you need to stretch

Stretching: increases flexibility in the legs allowing for better performance, mobility and gains. 

Also helps prevent injuries, which allows one to consistently train, leading to improvements. 

Any athlete whose been injured knows injuries mean time off. Time off doing what you probably love most. 

Nothing's worse than being injured for an athlete for a number of reasons:

  1. No progress being made
  2. Loss of key habits
  3. Not coming back the same

I once sprained my ankle playing basketball and boy was that tough. 

I wasn't able to workout so I couldn't improve at all.

Besides from increasing my IQ by watching tapes of great basketball players there wasn't much I could do.

I wasn't even able to implement what I was learning which really sucked. 

When I finally got back on the basketball court I was REALLY rusty.  

Jump shot was off, conditioning was horrible and I couldn't jump as high as before.. 

Plus, my confidence took a hit because I was constantly worried about getting reinjured. 

Of course there are some injuries which are preventable regardless of what we do. 

However, you should be stretching daily.. you know what they say.. 

Have faith but tie your camel.. 

That being said, here are some leg exercises you must include in your training plan.. 

Best Exercises For Increasing Leg Strength

Here are 3 of the best exercises to develop strong, powerful, leg muscles. 

  • Bulgarian Split Squat
  • Lunges (forward and lateral)
  •  Single leg deadlifts

Go use these exercises to build strong, healthy, powerful legs ASAP!

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