The Untold Secrets on How to Gain Muscle for Skinny Guys

In this post we’ll talk about how to gain muscle for skinny guys.

I’ll share my secrets and show you what it takes to get bigger. You’ll learn about calories and what to eat, what to avoid, weight training, goals and realistic time frames, tracking progress and motivation.

Lets dive in.

To gain muscle you must increase calories!

how to gain muscle for skinny guys

You have to eat above maintenance to gain muscle because your body needs the extra calories to rebuild muscle tissue.

First, calculate your daily caloric needs to maintain your weight. Then add 250 calories on top and measure your progress.

Finally, If you see an increase in lean body mass, good, stick to what you’re doing. If not add 250 more and see what happens.

Remember all food is not equal..

Eating the right foods is crucial to gaining muscle


You have to eat nutrient dense foods because they provide your body with the fuel to rebuild stronger.

First, get your protein right by eating lean meats like, chicken, turkey, beef and fish.

Then incorporate carbohydrates. Foods like beans, whole wheat, fruits, vegetables, rice and quinoa are critical to gaining weight.

Lastly, Don’t forget good fats, they should also be in your diet. Some good sources are olive and coconut oil and nuts like almonds and walnuts.

Also drink lots of water, a gallon a day is sufficient.

Don’t neglect protein

Protein is a key component of building muscle so make sure to get your daily requirements.

Protein rebuilds muscles and the process is called protein synthesis.

Without sufficient protein intake your muscles won’t grow, its that simple.

Shoot for 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Good sources include lean meats and protein supplements.

You will put on some fat, its normal

When getting bigger you will gain some fat as well.

Eating above maintenance means your body will store some extra fat from the surplus of calories.

Remember a clean diet will insure limited fat gain. So don’t just go about eating everything in sight.

But for the most part, don’t sweat it and here’s why.

Once you put on lots of muscle you can cut to get rid of the fat and reveal your gains.

It’s all part of the process of getting bigger and stronger.

You can’t avoid fat gain but..

Here are some things you should avoid

Fast food, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs should be avoided because these things will hinder you from a healthy, strong body.

To make it easier, pack your lunch daily to help with hunger and stay away from social events that include alcohol and smoking.

Aim to become healthy and strong

A healthy, strong body will allow you to live a good life. For one, you’ll have energy and strength to accomplish your goals. Also, staying healthy is insurance from set backs like disease and injury.

Do this by sticking to good eating, training and resting habits and making them priorities in your life.

So how do we get a strong body?

Weight training is the way to get stronger and bigger

You must train in the gym to increase strength.

You see your muscles have to be broken down to grow stronger.

There are a few things to keep in mind when training.

First off, the best way to train is by doing compound exercises in the 4-6 rep range. Secondly, train 3-5 days a week targeting different muscle groups each workout.

Third, make sure you lift with proper form!!

Lastly, increase the amount of weight you lift each workout. If you can get more than 6 reps with a given weight, add 10 pounds.

Can I do any type of workout?


Skip the magazine workouts

Magazine workouts are aimed at suckers.

Because, the training they recommend has not been proven to build muscle by science.

They simply publish whats popular.

Instead, read sound muscle building information.

Books like Bigger Leaner Stronger, Starting Strength and Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle are good starting points.

Here’s what those authors say..

Stick to basic exercises


Focus on getting stronger at the key lifts because this is how you’ll gain muscle mass.

Incorporate the squat, bench press, military press, pull up, and deadlift, into your workout routine.

These exercises work multiple muscle groups so become very familiar with them.

First off, learn how to do them properly. Secondly, start slow and add weight gradually.

We want to build muscle PROGRESSIVELY so…

Stick to a consistent exercise schedule

A set schedule will help you stay consistent.

Without a set schedule you won’t gain significant amounts of muscle.

So make training a priority!

Give yourself an hour of uninterrupted time everyday for your workout.

Early before work and school works great because you’re full of energy. But schedule your time according to your commitments.

And don’t think you’ll get big in two weeks because..

Going from skinny to big takes time

Set long term goals. Because if you don’t have an accurate time frame you’ll never reach your goals.

Set 18 month goals and stay consistent.

Remember the two P’s…

Patience and Persistence.

This way you’ll gain muscle at a safe rate.

Doing too much is bad because..

Over training will hinder your progress

Proper rest is needed to get stronger and bigger.

It’s a fact that your body rebuilds muscle while you rest not when you workout.

To get proper rest train different muscle groups each workout and get lots of sleep. 7-8 hours of sleep a day is good.

Remember genetics play a role

Don’t feel bad about being skinny its who you are, for the time being.

Besides looking down on yourself is the best way to stay in a rut.

Instead, think positive thoughts and surround yourself with positive individuals.

Read your goals daily and use visualization to keep yourself in high spirits.

Focus on your workouts and improving every day.

How do you know if you’re improving?

You gotta keep track!

Tracking progress is important

Keep a workout and food intake log or journal.

First off, it’ll show you if you’re improving or if you need to make changes. Secondly, its fun to see how far you’ve come and grown.

I use an app called “Strong” to keep a log of my workouts. I also use MyFitnessPal to track my eating habits.

The last thing to remember is measuring your body.

  • Measure your body weight daily and average it out at the end of the week to get an accurate number.
  • Measure body fat and stomach circumference weekly.

See what others have done..

Look at other people’s transformations for motivation

Seeing what others have accomplished is a great way to stay motivated.

When you see what others have accomplished you realize you can do it too!

I like to go on’s forum and browse the skinny to muscular transformations thread every now and then.


We talked about calories and what to eat, what to avoid, weight training, goals and realistic time frames, tracking progress and motivation.

I hope this post taught you How to Gain Muscle for Skinny Guys.

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