How to Intermittent Fast Like A Pro

Are you trying to burn fat with intermittent fasting?

I gave it a try last summer and here's what happened.

In 2015, I gained a ton of fat dirty bulking (not the most optimal way to build muscle). 

In the summer of 2016, I decided It was time to burn the fat. 

Intermittent fasting was something I wanted to try so I used it in my game plan. 

My plan was to workout in the morning (between 7-10am) while I was in a fasted state and break my fast sometime around noon.

Training wise, I would do resistance training 5x a week and running an hour on the two days off from weights. 

Then, one day I realized I wasn't making much progress.

I was exhausted from my workouts and seemed to burn more muscle than fat.

I felt like I would pass out at any time, I wasn't happy at all.

So I did some research and found dehydration to be a common issue with intermittent fasting.

Maybe I wasn't getting enough water..

I upped my water intake and got back to my fasted workouts..

The next week was grueling, I was still sluggish and losing more muscle than fat.. 

"Hmm, what am I doing wrong?" I thought.

I did even more research and discovered something interesting..

You need to eat more fats and vegetables on the days you workout fasted.

Which made sense, although I was cutting weight I still needed to eat enough to maintain my muscle mass.

With the time period for eating being so tight, eating fat which is dense (9 calories a gram) would allow me to get the calories I needed.

Did that and I started feeling better.

Before, I definitely wasn't getting enough calories to sustain my muscle.

There was still one problem though, I wasn't burning as much fat as I would like.

Back to the drawing board.

Gotta be persistent to get what you want 😉

More researched showed me what I was doing wrong.

To maximize the effects of working out fasted you should hold off on post-workout nutrition for a few hours.. seemed counter-intuitive to me.

I was so used to chugging a protein shake after the gym I didn’t even think of this. 

But,  research backs it up.

Apparently, the fat burning benefits of fasting continue hours after your workout. As long as you remain fasted.

Our bodies are so amazing!

Eventually, I'd get the results I was after which made me very happy.

I'd like to share some more of what I learned so you can achieve similar results with intermittent fasting.

3 Tips For Using Intermittent Fasting Like A Pro

how to intermittent fast

1. Eat real food after fasting

We all desire something tasty after fasting but your body needs some dense food with adequate nutrition to get the results you're after.

Eating fats and vegetables may not be what we want but it’s what our body needs after hours of no food.

2. Continue fasting after you workout

Many people think they should break their fast immediately after their workout but that negates the effects of fasting.

When working out in a fasted state HGH levels skyrocket and fat burning increases.

These wonderful effects continue for hours after the workout. It's smarter to ride the wave by continuing the fast.

3. Drink plenty of water

When we fast our body uses this time to break down the cells we don’t need and get them out of our system.

We’re also using fat for energy which is where a lot of toxins build up.  

If we aren't properly hydrated our body won’t be able to flush these toxins out. 

Watch the video below to learn more about intermittent fasting and how to use it for better results. 

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