how to Jump Rope to Lose Weight

Jumping rope is a specific form of cardio exercise which can be done by every man and woman and it helps all athletes to tone themselves. Jumping rope actually helps,

  • Strengthen your core
  • Tone your calves
  • Enhance your lung capability
  • Improve your stamina

Jumping rope is a total body exercise, because it helps burning so much of calories in a very short period of time. If you are a normal person, doing the jumping rope can help burning more than 10 calories per minute. Jumping rope is not only for losing weight but it can also be the best part of the exercise and diet routine which reverse your metabolism and also helps dropping more amount of fat.

Jumping rope for weight loss:

Jumping rope can help losing the particular amount of weight by burning calories and fat from the different parts of our body. The results of this jumping rope can vary based on your,

  • Weight loss goals
  • Diet
  • Level of commitment to the workout
  • Activity level

Those who are all considering jumping rope for weight loss should also need to consider some other important factors such as your level of metabolism and your age. This is because these factors will make a bigger impact how quickly you will get the results. If you are a woman and want to lose weight, you should add at least 20 minute jumping rope workout to your daily routine for 5 days per week. Through this regular routine, you can able to lose more than 200 calories per day. If you are following the regular diet, you can surely burn extra 1,000 calories per week. A lot of doctors recommend their patients who want to lose weight to do the jumping rope which will make the biggest effect on your muscle mass. During this weight loss process with the jumping rope, you should also need to restrict the calorie intake to get the best and continuous results.  

There are also some other important factors to consider while doing jumping rope for your regular weight loss routine. You can also do cross training through any other aerobic exercise such as running, weight training, or the cardio kickboxing which will help burning so much of calories & also keep you continually lose weight. 

Along with the jumping rope, you can also follow the special diets like paleo diet and keto diet which are really popular to get rid of some risk factors such as heart disease and high cholesterol.

Skipping rope exercise for the best weight loss:

The jumping rope helps to reduce your weight just like the aerobic exercise which also has the best capabilities for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). The following are the important steps to be followed to do this skipping rope workout in a perfect manner for the best weight loss.

  • Set 1

You have to do jumping rope for about 30 seconds straight and then take rest for 60 minutes. After that, you have to do another 30 seconds of jump rope. In this way, you should repeat for about 9 times.

  • Set 2

You do jumping rope for about 30 minutes straight by trying the alternating feet, you have to practice sifting your weight back & forth in order to tighten your core. This time, you can take rest for about 90 seconds between reps and you can do it four more times.

  • Set 3

Now, you can end with the jump rope circuit combination and do for about 30 seconds. Take rest for only 12 seconds before doing jumping jacks for about 30 seconds. After taking 12 seconds rest, you can add burpees for 30 seconds. Once more you can take rest and finish the strong pushups with 30 seconds.

Through the jumping rope, you can get so much of health benefits as follows. Jumping rope can surely improve your heart health, decrease belly fat, and also can improve your balance. By practicing the jumping rope regularly with some balance and coordination, it will surely give you the best in class health benefits in your day to day lifestyle. You will get the improved health and well being when you are doing jumping rope regularly with the regular diet and exercises.