How To Prepare For CrossFit

Crossfit is the mixture of many exercises like aerobics, weight lifting and some more exercise that relate to having a healthy muscle.

This relates to WOD which means work out of the day, this can be done by everyone regularly.

Though this is the basic exercise better consult the doctor before starting the exercise because in this Crossfit there may be jumping or weight lifting so be prepared for that.

There may be a chance of getting injured when you do the exercises very fast or too much of doing.

To avoid such circumstances do the exercises slowly, notice that if there is any pain in your body or something like that.

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How Can You Prepare For CrossFit And Its Challenges?

intense crossfit wod

You cannot become a professional athlete or a good bodybuilder or weight lifter in a short period of time.

Entering into Crossfit is similar to preparing for your study test.

You have to study your body for doing exercises.

Then if it’s is ok you can jump into Crossfit and also you can follow these steps they are;

  • Setting goals
  • Being active
  • Good research before starting Crossfit.

Goal Setting:

You have to set the goal for your target exercises and if you didn’t do otherwise you will punish your body with unwanted exercises and this may lead to getting an injury.

Being Active:

If your body condition is zero and you need not to be able to reach 100 percent suddenly. You have to prepare your body to manage the heaviness, by doing some simple things like jogging, swimming or anything that helps to maintain your heart rate. Do all these for at least two weeks then start doing the Crossfit.

Doing Proper Research Before Starting Crossfit:

There are many gyms available for Crossfit so finding the Crossfit gym is an easy process but before that, you have to make proper research on that. Make a trial version before paying all amount, find that you can get a proper shape, then try for a week if it is ok then continue otherwise quit the Crossfit.

Basic Exercises For Beginner CrossFitters:

The first thing is squat series in that front squat, overhead squat and front squat.

Then the second thing is press series in this there are three types of press they are shoulder press, deadlift and sumo deadlift and high lift.  

Then the final thing is push up series, it has only two types they are burpee and push-ups.

If you do all these Crossfit exercises with running it will be more effective.

These Crossfit exercises are not only used for bodybuilding it can also be used for weight loss also.

For example, sumo deadlift can be used for weight reduction.

If you are a starter you can practice at your home itself you need not to go to the gym.

Finally, if everything is in a condition to start the Crossfit hire for a good gym, better trainer and keep your body fit.