How to Wash A Weighted Vest

Usually, the weighted vest can be used for outdoor purposes and there will be lots of dust and odor so you have to put some effort into washing the weighted vests.

Basically, there are four materials used for washing the vests and they are a bathtub, mild laundry detergent, sponge, scrubber, antimicrobial spray this is optional.

Easy and Simple Steps to Washing A Weighted Vest:

Here are some of the simple step to wash the weighed vests and they are

  • Remove the weights
  • Full your bathtub with water
  • Scrub your vest thoroughly
  • Rinse with fresh water
  • Hangout to dry the vest.

First thing is you want to clear all the unwanted weight from the vest, the reason for this is you are going to wash only the weighted vest canvas.

Then fill the water with lukewarm water, you should not wash with hot water it may damage your vest, so avoid that.

Then dip your vest add some mild detergent for washing, you need not to use powerful detergent because it is not necessary.

Another option is you can use mild detergent also.

Then take a scrubber and sponge and have a keen eye on the inner part of the vest on both front and back side, then shoulder strap because the mud gets to settle on those areas.

The risky part is cleaning velcro on a weighted vest.

The grass or mud gets stuck on velcro, you need some other special material like a toothbrush for cleaning this.

Just brush with a brush until the dust coming out from the velcro.

Then another part is zip, you can also clean the zip by using the toothbrush.

Suppose, if their lots of dust in your weighted vest then don’t leave the vest in the tub for many hours, instead just take some minutes to clean and move to the next step.

If your weighted vest is not that much dirty don’t dip the vest completely inside the tub just have a light Wash.

Then rinse off the weighted vest until the detergent gets washed out fully.

Keep in mind that there should not be any dust at the bottom of the tub.

Rinse completely with the fresh water until the best gets drain out.  

Select the apt place for drying because if you hang out the vest in dark space it may lead to growing mold on that vest.

So be aware of hanging your vest.

weight vest and washing detergent

Can you wash your weighted vest by using the washing machine?

Yes, it is possible to wash your vest by using the washing machine.

This is quite simple and easy compared to hand wash but it is not recommended for all the time.

The weighted vest should not be soaked for a long time in the water, if you do machine wash often the stitches and velcro gets affected. So use the machine on some emergency condition.

You should keep your vest fresh by cleaning immediately after work with some disinfectant wipes on every area.

This may keep the weighted vest fresh and remove the odor. Follow any of this type and keep your vest clean.