How to Workout On A Busy Schedule

Weight Loss Tips For Busy People

First thing is to correct your mindset. Don't make being busy an excuse.. everyone is busy and have things to do. 

Know that losing weight on a busy schedule is possible, many have done it and so can you!

Remember the benefits of working out and eating healthy for motivation. You'll feel better, have more energy and look better, which is a huge confidence booster. 

Being overweight can bring your life to a halt. Take care of your body so you can continue doing what you have to do. 

If work is taking up a majority of your time you have to make some sacrifices. Maybe you need to wake up earlier or get a treadmill desk. 

working out with a busy schedule

Or maybe you need to workout at home to save time. 

Here are some creative ways to get your workout in:

  • Get dumbbells or kettlebells for working out at home
  • Do circuit workouts
  • Take a walk before work or after work

Weight loss is achieved by being in a calorie deficit. There are two ways to get there:

  1. Workout to burn energy
  2. Decrease calories

Below are 3 ways to decrease calories on a busy schedule. 

  • Avoid alcohol
  • Eat lots of fiber from fruits and vegetables
  • Stop eating when you're 80% full

Also, stay away from fast food and bring a lunch to work. If you need a snack use meal replacement bars or other high protein snacks. 

Overall you need to stay on top of what you're eating. Use an app to track your calories and what you eat on a regular basis. 

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