Is Protein Always Good For You? Actually, Maybe Not

Can Protein Be Harmful For You?

Sometimes, protein can be bad for your body. 

For example, people with bad livers may have a hard time digesting protein. Older individuals also struggle with digesting lots of protein. 

Dr. Eric Berg suggests eating lots of veggies on a high protein diet.

I think that's a great idea for any diet.  

Veggies provide lots of nutrients needed by our body like, vitamins, minerals, fiber and potassium.

Safe to say most athletes need more protein than others. 

lots of protein

Some benefits of a high protein diet for athletes include:

  • helps with building muscle
  • prevents muscle breakdown during workouts
  • increases strength

How much protein do we actually need? Our friends at CyberFlexing suggest 1-1.5 grams of protein per kg of bodyweight for non active people. Athletes should aim for 1-1.2 depending on their goals. (You'll need more protein when losing weight to prevent muscle loss.) 

I myself eat a fair amount of protein (around 160 grams a day). I love lean turkey, chicken breast, almonds, eggs and sometimes I use protein bars.

I try and balance out by eating more broccoli, spinach and dates. 

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