Lean Bulking: A Complete Guide to Building Muscle without Gaining Fat

Building muscle is one of the important aspects for maintaining a healthier life. You should be clear while building the muscle and you should not gain fat in your body. Some people build muscle for good looking but some go beyond that. Here are the few benefits for building muscle;

  • Maintains blood sugar: At present, two third of people was affected with blood sugar due to food habits and obesity. For reducing blood sugar you should avoid carbs or by creating space for storing by building muscle. So building muscle helps to maintain a blood sugar in your body. 
  • Helps to increase metabolic rate: In your body the fat cells helps to store energy and the stored energy will be used by the muscles. So with the proper training if you increase the muscles the energy in your body will also be increased. Then automatically your metabolism will be maintained by burning the extra fats in your body. 
  • Helps to fortify the bones: Building the muscle is commonly called as strength training. This will helps to prevent your body from many injuries. Because your bones and tendons will be strengthened by building muscle, so that your bones won’t be broken when you met with some mild accident. Muscle building will be common among athletes to avoid muscle sprain and cramps while performing. 
  • Helps to develop your day to day activities: For Example if you want shift any heavy things or want to open any tightly closed jars in your home you can easily move without any help when you have a stronger muscle. 
  • Expose you with good shape: After starting the muscle strengthen programs you will get a better shape within some days. That will help you to improve your confidence level in every aspects of your life. Apart from this you can try whatever outfits you would like to wear. Everything will suits to you after getting a good shape. 
  • Diseases will be decreased: Strengthening your muscles will create a greater impact in your general health. Compared to sedentary people, people who do regular workouts will have fewer incidences of diseases. 

How muscles grow in your body?

One of the most adaptable muscles in your whole body is skeletal muscle. Usually for building stronger muscle people will lift some heavy weight objects. While performing those activities your muscles will undergo trauma. The injured muscle helps to activate satellite cell which was located on muscle fibers. As a result of this damage the muscle fibers will be increased in short period of time. Also some hormones help to develop your muscles by transforming cells to your muscles. 

When you do exercise regularly new blood capillaries will be formed easily. Hormones help in repairing muscle cells and muscle mass. Whenever you go for muscle building you should wait for some days. You may not expect short time results.

Tips for building muscle properly: 

The method of developing muscles and food intake will be different for beginners and experienced person. Here is a simple guide for building muscle;

  • Have good protein rich foods: Food Play a part in building muscle. So you should know how many calories you taking regularly in a day. When you start doing regularly for muscle development you should add 500 calories in addition to it. In that increase protein rich foods and decrease carb gradually. 
  • Cardio limitations: Do go for continuous jogging immediately. Instead you can start doing for 30 minutes for every session. 
  • Focus on split routine: The results will be different between Full body workout and single workouts. Both types of workouts have different advantages so go for the one which suits to you based on your achievements.
  • Stretching: Any kind of stretching should be done to make your body more flexible. This flexibility helps to increase your muscle strength.
  • Eating regularly: If you want to build your muscles you should have at least five to six small meals per day. This will helps to be active all the time. Also drink some healthy shakes in addition to meal. 
  • Incorporating full body exercise: In addition to weight lifting you should add some full body exercise for balancing development of muscles.

The method may vary for men and women. So go for some experienced trainers for building muscle.