You're Here Because You're Looking To Buy The Legion Pulse Pre-Workout, Right? Below Is Why You Shouldn't.

Hey, my name's Mohamed and I love working out.

However, a few months ago I ran into a HUGE PROBLEM!

I started losing energy during my weight lifting sessions.


I would go to the gym every day consistently but it was like my mind and body were somewhere else.

I had low energy bro...

And I had no idea why!

I mean I ate a good meal before lifting (whey protein + dates)

Lots of protein, lots of carbs.

I was confused.

So I went searching for a supplement that might help me out.

Long story short, I decided to give my boy Mike Matthews pre-workout powder a try. Legion Pulse.

It claims to give you insane amounts of energy and focus during your workout.. exactly what I needed!

So, I go on Amazon and order it ASAP (grape flavor baby)

Finally, it arrives and I couldn't wait to use it before my workout. 

legion pulse

So the next day I give it a go...

First off... the taste was horrible :(

It tasted like grape medicine and I hated taking it first thing in the morning.

But I didn't let that bother me, I'm more concerned with the energy and focus!


Unfortunately, there was none.

Not for me at least... not with half a serving.

So I did what the directions suggested... increase the amount taken.

Took it up to a full serving before training.

I was excited.

Felt like a rocket before take off.

So the next day I wake up early, take the powder as directed in anticipation of killing my workout.

It was more like aggravated assault.

... energy and focus weren't there...

I felt sick tbh.

The taste would stay in my mouth the whole workout and made me nauseous...

I gave it a full week then had to return it.

Sad to say it didn't work AT ALL FOR ME.

I really wanted it to, I like Mike and what he's doing over at legion.

I guess everything isn't for everyone *shrug*

However, I'd eventually find something that WORKED WONDERS!

You won't believe the amount of energy and pump you get from this pre-workout.

Click the button below to see what I'm talking about.