Meet The Perfect Macro Ratio For Weight Loss

What's A Macro Ratio?

A Macro Ratio is the percentage of calories coming from protein, carbs and fats.

Each of these macros play a separate role in the body and have different qualities. We need them in varying amounts to accomplish our weight loss or muscle building goals.

Protein forms the building blocks for muscle and keeps us full.

Carbs provide us with energy and fats help with hormones, immune system and other health related functions. 

To lose weight we'll need more calories burned than what we consume through our diet and vice versa for building muscle. 

However, the concept of macro ratios is kind of flawed. 

Using percentages changes all of our macro nutrients equally which becomes an issue when we switch from losing weight to building muscle. (See example in video)

best macro ratio for fat loss

So how should we determine macros for losing weight? Here are 3 simple steps to follow:

  1. Set calorie target based on estimated maintenance and goal of weight loss.
  2. Calculate protein needs. Shoot for 1 to 1.2 grams per pound of body weight.
  3. Fill remaining calories with carbs and fats. Exact ratio doesn't matter but keep fats above 3% lean body mass. 

As long as you remain in a calorie deficit you'll lose weight.

This approach makes weight loss much easier.

You can fill your macros with any of your favorite meals. Mix healthy foods like chicken breast, rice, fruits, vegetables, protein bars and whatever your heart desires.. 

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