Met RX Bars Review – A Full Breakdown

met rx protein bar


Protein Quality

Sugar Content

Meal Replacement

  • check
    Large size
  • check
    32 grams of protein
  • check
    True cookie-style crispiness
  • check
    Rich flavor
  • check
    General creaminess that is not found in most meal replacement bars
  • Large size could be hard to carry
  • Always creates the feeling of a full stomach, which does not suit some athletes after a workout
  •  Some people could find the flavors too rich

In the early years of protein bars, only hardcore fitness enthusiasts ate them.

This was due to their lack of flavor.

It was also uncommon for people to eat them because of a perceived ingredient quality problem.

Fortunately, things have changed immensely in the fitness and health food industries.

There are endless choices of meal replacement bars that taste fantastic. 

There is also a much higher level of conscientiousness on the part of meal replacement companies to use fine ingredients. 

As athletes and fitness enthusiasts have learned about proper nutrition timing, their tastes have evolved.

Meal replacement bar companies have matched the demand.

MetRX has a reputation for being a reliable source for fitness training information.

They are a powerhouse in fitness media, and have developed food products that match their philosophy.

The MetRX meal replacement bars are some of the most popular on the market. 

There are several reasons for this including portion sizes, high protein-to-sugar ratios, and amazing flavors.

Key Features of this Product

The MetRX Big 100 Colossal Cookie Crunch bar is immediately separated from competitor products because of its size.

It weighs 100 grams, and is similar in appearance to a king size candy bar.

This size allows it to hold its shape even in warmer weather. Some smaller meal replacement bars are flat and gooey.

The wrappers have a tendency to meld with the products and make them difficult to eat.

Big 100 MetRX bars have a light, yet hearty cookie core, which makes it stack able by holding its shape.

Some people stray away from meal replacement bars because they have little similarity to food.

They stick to teeth, are hard to chew, and “go down like a rock.” MetRX bars have the feel of a favorite candy bar, or a homemade confection.

The outer cream layer is like marshmallow, the chocolate layer immediately starts to melt in the mouth after one bite.

The inner cookie core is as crispy as a wafer cookie, which creates a pleasurable chewing experience.

This is especially important for people who have just finished a workout, and have problems with dry mouth.

The combination of layers, along with an authentic cookie flavor, help the mouth to produce saliva.

Also, as many people are aware, some meal replacement bars have horrible aftertastes. MetRX bars leave only the taste of cocoa in the mouth.

Of course, the main key feature of this bar is its massive amount of protein.

From marathon runners and rock climbers, to bodybuilders and competitive athletes, the most important macro nutrient is protein.

Meal replacement bars that only have 8-10 grams of protein litter store shelves. It is very inconvenient to have to eat several bars at one time.

For a 180 pound male athlete, 140 grams of protein is understood to be the minimum level of consumption to maintain muscles.

A single MetRX bar provides a large portion of this requirement in a tasty package.

Taken at the right time of day, these bars become incredible nutrition sources. 

General Review

Appearance: 4/5

The MetRX Big 100 Colossal Cookie Crunch bar is absolutely attractive visually.

This is important for both consumers and merchants.

Contents and an accurate picture of the bar are plainly displayed on the packaging.

This conveys a sense of manufacturer honesty to people who choose them, plus helps merchants captivate the attention of the fitness community.

Once the wrapper is removed, the bar does not appear to be a “glob” of ingredients.

The last thing a tired athlete needs at the end of a workout, is to be disgusted by a replacement food’s appearance. This bar looks and smells like a real desert.

Protein Quality: 4.5/5

The vast majority of the protein type that is used in this bar is METAMYOSYN V100 milk whey isolate.

Whey is highly digestible. Many other brands use products like bulk soy to make their bars.

Soy is not bad in general, but it is far less digestible that whey. Some people are allergic to soy products.

Also, male athletes are intimately aware of certain studies that prove soy can have an estrogenic effect on their bodies.

This is contrary to the goal of eating meal replacement bars after workouts.

A refined soy protein is used to create the crispiness of the bar’s inner layer, but it is not the main source of protein.

Sugar Content: 4/5

The main type of sugar that is used in the bar is crystalline fructose. This is a naturally-derived fruit sugar, not refined white sugar.

This makes MetRX bars also a good source of available carbohydrate fuel.

Replenishing the body with bioavailable sugars within a short period after hard workouts is important to repair muscle cells.

Meal Replacement: 4/5

Although the MetRX Big 100 Colossal Cookie Crunch bar is perfect after workouts, it can also be enjoyed elsewhere.

It’s the perfect bar to include in a student’s lunch bag.

It is absolutely convenient to keep a box of these bars in a desk drawer at work to guard against afternoon fatigue.

Use them as a quick breakfast for the family when keeping a tight schedule.

For a friend who loves fitness, give them a carton as a birthday gift that can really be put to good use.

How Does It Compare To Other Bars?

Powerbars tend to taste fake, and they are difficult to bite and chew.

MetRX bars are ideal for people who think taste and food consistency are important.

While Larabars are extremely tasty and full of organic ingredients, they only offer a tiny nutritional portion in each bar.

MetRX bars are for people looking for a true full meal at a specific time.

Special K bars only have 12 grams of protein with sugar and fiber fillers. MetRX bars have three times that amount of protein, plus added vitamins and minerals.

Special K bars are for people looking to curb snack urges, not necessarily ingest proper nutrition for an athletic fitness lifestyle.