Military Diet: Can You Really Lose 10 Pounds In 3 Days?

Is The Military Diet A Fad?

I think the military diet is great for a number of reasons. 

  1. big breakfasts
  2. whole foods
  3. lots of fruits and vegetables
  4. tons of complete protein sources
  5. meat is baked or grilled

Lets take a look at some the foods eaten on a military diet... 

military diet

For breakfast, soldiers eat a slice of whole wheat bread, peanut or soy butter, grapefruits and eggs. They drink either water, coffee (no cream or sugar) or green tea. 

As you can see no mcgriddles, pancakes or donuts.

These guys eat clean. 

The coffee and green tea are great for weight loss. Coffee suppresses appetite and green tea is great for burning fat. 

At lunch time they have another slice of whole wheat along with tuna (no mayonnaise) and cottage cheese. Guess what they drink.. more water, black coffee and or green tea. 

Its no wonder these guys drop weight so fast. 

Its dinner time and guess what soldiers are eating.. 

3 ounces of lean meat, green beans, apples, half a banana, carrots, broccili and ice cream 🙂

They can afford the ice cream calories because they eat in small quantities. 

No cookies, cakes, soft drinks or fries. And everything in moderation. 

Obesity nowadays is due to overeating foods which aren't nutritional.

Do I believe people can lose weight with the military diet? Yes. 

Will you lose 10 pounds in 3 days.. most will be water weight. 

But lets be real.. YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT ON ANY DIET.. whether the weight lost is fat or lean mass is another issue. 

As long as you eat less than what you burn everyday you'll lose weight. 

The question is one of nutrition. You can lose weight eating protein bars all day but you probably won't be getting the nutrients your body needs which can eventually lead to disease. 

Here's why the military diet works:

They eat healthy, nutritional foods in a calorie deficit. 

And they drink coffee and green tea which help with energy and have fat burning qualities. 

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