Muscle Building Workouts

bench pressing

There are many workouts out there that promise to help build muscle.

So how do you find the one for you?

The key thing to finding out how to maximize your gains is to EXPERIMENT.

Despite us all being human and having similar makeups we’re actually all pretty unique when it comes to our bodies.

To make it simple different workouts work for different people.

Some people fret about a specific way to workout when it’s really not black and white.


There are two styles of training I want to share with you that have given me the most success.

  1. Heavy weights low reps
  2. Low weight and high reps

Each one has it’s pros and cons.

Can I build muscle lifting heavy weights?

Yes. Lifting heavy weights is a great way to pack on muscle.

Combined with a proper diet of course.

The most important thing to remember is lifting form.

With heavy weights you can get injured if you don’t be careful.

I recommend practicing and learning about proper form before stacking on the weight. There are lots of videos on YouTube that show you how to properly lift.

Getting a personal trainer to walk you through the different exercises will dramatically decrease your chance of injury.

Don’t ask your inexperienced buddy how to lift and don’t take advice from just anyone. Find a professional to guide you.

Building muscle with light weights and high reps

People swear this doesn’t work. But my experience proves it does to some degree.

At least it did for me. Especially in my shoulders. I’ve seen much growth with higher rep workouts.

Granted what you consider light is relative to your strength.

You might start off with 5 pound dumbbells and work your way up.

There’s nothing wrong with that. You have to pace yourself and put in the work. Results will follow.

As a beginner you will see gains doing any type of training.

People refer to this phenomena as “newbie gains.” Unfortunately,  at some point the effect wears off and reality kicks in.

That’s why I recommend starting out with heavy weights and low reps first.

Lifting heaving weights and gradually increasing the weight has been proven to be the most effective way to gain strength and muscle.

Building muscle is all about progressive overload

The biggest fact of building muscle is progressive tension overload.

This means progressively lifting heaver and heaver weight over time.

In order for your muscles to grow they must be stimulated and the best challenge is heavy weight. .

Do I have to feel the burn in order to gain muscle?

Research shows that “the burn” has nothing to do with muscle growth.

This feeling we get when lifting weights is the muscle burning its energy stores and the breakdown of these carbs is called lactic acid.

You might or might not feel it but it isn’t conducive to a productive workout.


Building muscle can be done by either training style.

Experiment with each type of training for about 3 months and track your progress.

See which one gives you better results and double down on that.

Focus on compound lifts. Exercises like squats, pull-ups, dead-lifts, presses (bench and military) will give you more bang for your buck.

These compound exercises require more requirement of muscles fibers so you work more muscle groups with one exercise.

Going from skinny to muscular is definitely possible with the correct mindset and dedication.

You have to think long term and set yearly goals.

You have to eat and train right on a daily basis.

Learn to say no to sugary snacks and laziness and you’ll achieve your goals before you know it.

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