"Who Else Wants To Build Big Powerful Muscles and Command Respect?"

Are you tired of being lost and confused when it comes to building muscle?

I'm here to simplify it for you. 

To build big solid muscles and increase strength there are two things you need to focus on, training and nutrition. 

Why is training and nutrition so important?

For one, in order for your muscles to grow they need a reason to grow and this is why training is required.  

Understand that our bodies are designed for survival and when you break down the muscles through training the body will repair the muscles to survive. 

Training causing stress and tension on the muscles which causes them to rip and tear. 

Since our bodies are hardwired for survival this results in our body repairing the muscles bigger and better than before.  

Watch the short video below to gain a better understanding... 

Think of training as the key to a car. 

For the car to start running you need to turn the key. 

Similarly for your body to start building big muscles you need training to get things going. 

So training is of utmost importance because it gets the muscle building process started.

Now let's talk about nutrition and why it's important to developing big strong muscles. 

Basically nutrition covers what our bodies need (nutrients) in order to successfully repair the torn muscles and have them become bigger and stronger.

If training was the key to building muscle think of nutrition as the gas. 

Even if you twist the key and turn the car on you won't move if you're out of gas. 

Proper nutrition gives your body the gas it needs to keep the muscle building process going. 

Pretty simple right?

If you don't properly train you will never build big powerful muscles.

And if you are training but not eating correctly you won't get the results your after whatsoever. 

But what happens when you train and eat correctly?

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