Amino Acids – What You Need to Know

amino acid supplements

As major building blocks of the human body, amino acids are essential to proper health and fitness. They are vital to the development and maintenance of bodily tissues including skin, hair, muscles, bones, and organs.

Functioning as precursors for neurotransmitters, they also support brain function. Additionally, they precede the production of important enzymes and are therefore crucial to the regulation of the body’s metabolism.

Often referred to as “building blocks,” amino acids make up all materials found in the human body. These carbon compounds are the most fundamental components of protein.

Without protein production, our bodies would quickly disintegrate and fall apart. Thus, consuming foods with plenty of amino acids is important – chicken, beef, and fish, namely.

While it’s not always possible to consume enough amino acids through food, taking dietary supplements that contain adequate amounts of them can benefit people in several ways as well.

Please note that there are several types of amino acids and each one affects the human body differently. According to modern dietary scientists, more than 20 variations are known so far. A good dietary supplement will have numerous types of amino acids on its ingredient list.

Unfortunately, most people don’t get enough amino acids in their regular diets, and those who do usually don’t consume high-quality ones. Moreover, if one kind of acid is missing then the body will have a more difficult time performing its duties and making necessary repairs to vital tissues.

Therefore, it’s critical that a diverse and well-balanced diet is followed for optimal health. If that’s impossible, taking a high-quality supplement can help bridge the gap.

The benefits of any diet or supplement regimen depends on types of amino acids being consumed. There are supplements made specifically for mood enhancing, muscle tone improvements, strength boosting, memory and cognitive function, healing, digestion, energy, and more.

Since at least 8 essential amino acids cannot be produced by the human body, it’s a good idea to take a well-made supplement even if physical fitness isn’t your top priority.

A balanced amino acid regimen can help boost your immune system, regulate sleep patterns, and make vital tissue repairs. Fortunately, amino acid consumption very rarely presents any negative side effects, especially when used responsibly.

In general, the most common side effects are frequent bowel movements, moderate anxiety, and/or restlessness. Be sure to ask your doctor if you’re unsure how amino acids will affect you.