Five Facts about Protein Bars

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You’ve probably met at least one person who swears by eating protein bars as part of their workout or weight loss routine, but are they truly good for your health?

Filling and delicious, these dietary supplements can help keep cravings at bay while providing your body with the nutrition it needs throughout the day.

Still, how does someone know which kinds to consume and why are they so beneficial?

The Five Most Important Facts about Protein Bars

Protein bars can be a tasty and convenient alternative to unhealthy snacks. However, you’ll need to know the facts before you buy the first thing you find on the grocery store shelves.

1. They Are Not Energy Bars

Often containing extremely high amounts of carbs (usually in the form of refined sugar), energy bars give you a swift boost of vigor but leave you feeling drained later.

On the contrary, protein bars have very few carbs and are often sugar free. Thus, any energy derived from a protein bar is from the protein and fibers contained therein.

2. They Are Not Candy Bars

While many protein bars are sweet or come packaged in brightly colored wrappers, they are not officially candy (even if they’re sometimes sold in the candy isle).

Candy bars contain little more than fat and sugar, but protein bars contain low amounts of fat and relatively low doses of sugar. You can, however, eat them in place of your favorite candy bar.

3. They Are Not All Good for You

As mentioned, not all protein bars are the same. In fact, some aren’t even good for you. Still, that shouldn’t deter you from enjoying the benefits of the healthy ones.

Be sure to read the label and look for high quantities of fiber, protein, and minerals. Stay away from protein bars with sugar, sugar alcohols, trans fats, soy, and high calories.

4. They Can Help You Lose Weight

Protein bars aren’t just for bodybuilders anymore. Some of them are designed specifically for weight loss.

Because they can fight cravings while providing a healthy dose of nutrients, the right bar helps to reduce body fat efficiently by serving as a healthy and convenient meal replacement.

5. They Help You Build Muscle Mass

After your workout routine, eating a high-quality protein bar can replenish the vitamins and minerals you expended during exercise.

By supporting your body with a low-cal option, you’ll recover and start growing lean muscle mass much quicker.

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