The #1 Food You Must Eat To Prevent Cancer

Have you ever thought of improving your diet to prevent cancer?

I know I have and here's why.. 

Back in 2005 I was a freshman in highschool at Franklin Learning Center in Philadelphia.

After school I went to the YMCA to workout and play basketball..

Usually my mom picked me up in the evening once she got off but not this day.. my dad showed up.. 

It was strange and I was immediately worried.. 

My dad didn't seem bothered though, so I thought everything was fine.. He said to me "your mother isn't feeling well, that's why I'm here."

"not feeling well" I thought to myself, did she have the flu I asked? 

He said no but that she was at home and I'd soon be able to speak with her..

The rest of the car ride was quiet and gloomy for some odd reason, it was during the days when the sun would go down around 5pm and the air was mildly dry.. 

Besides, I was exhausted from playing basketball and running around all day. 

Only thing on my mind was my mom though.. what was going on, I wondered.

When I got home my mom seemed fine.. she hugged me and seemed pretty normal..

It felt like a boulder was lifted from my chest.. 

I asked her what was going on and that's when things took a dive.. 

She asked me what I'd do if she died.. 

I was speechless.. 

I felt how most teenagers would at the thought of losing a parent.. 

DEVASTATED to say the least.. 

You see, my mother and I have a really cool relationship.

She's always been very supportive and understanding.. 

I could ask her for anything and she'd go out her way to help.. 

One time she bought me a pair of really expensive Air Jordan's..

She probably had to work double overtime to be able to afford them..

It didn't matter to her,  she would always make sure her kids were happy and well taken care of.  

But anyway.. 

I stood there in complete silence for a while until I heard her say.. 

"Tell me what you're thinking" 

I said,

"Mom, I love you and the thought of losing you is terrifying, now please tell me what's going on"

She went on to tell me how she went to the doctor and they found a lump..

she was diagnosed with breast cancer.. 

Still a kid at the time (14 years old) I didn't really know much about cancer and what she was going through.

For the next year or so I'd watch my mother fight for her life. 

She attended a couple different treatment facilities during her battle..

The first cancer center she went to wasn't that good..

The results were up and down. 

Some days she'd be energetic and fine then some days I could barely speak with her she was so tired.. 

I must admit, she was strong throughout the treatments but I could tell she was hurting..

Then, after a while with no results.. something happened. 

She was admitted into one of the bigger cancer treatment centers.. 

I had mixed emotions.. 

I was happy because the doctors there would be better able to help her.. 

BUT, did it mean her cancer was getting worse?

I didn't know, and I think that's what made things more arduous..

Eventually, the chemotherapy and radiation treatments started to work..

She eventually beat the cancer!!

The day she came home was the happiest I'd been in a long time.. 

Going through this experience made me very cautious of my nutrition and diet.. 

I'm a born athlete but after this experience I started paying a heck of a lot more attention to my nutrition and diet.. 

"If you don't take care of your body.. where will you live?"


foods that prevent caner

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