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THE WORLD’S GONE NUTS! Everyone’s obsessed with getting thin, yet few give a thought to the skinny guys in society. My guess is that you’d do anything to carry a bit more weight—am I right?

Now, if your problem is too much weight you’re in the wrong place. If you need more meat on your bones and want to bring those latent muscles to life, you’re exactly where you need to be.

You’re about to embark on a simple yet effective box-ticking exercise. Without specific checklists it becomes easy to overlook things and fall by the wayside.

Bony Bob to Ronnie Coleman

ronnie coleman

It’s unlikely you’ll go from being a Bony Bob to a Ronnie Coleman, but then I doubt most of you’d want to. But I can promise this: you can become BIGGER, STRONGER, and more BEEFED-UP than you are right now.

When you embrace the commitments below you’re ready to start building the new YOU:

  1. A genuine desire to succeed
  2. Belief in yourself
  3. Know where you’re at now: current condition (this is your starting point)
  4. Ready to learn new things in place of old ideas
  5. Have realistic expectations
  6. Surround yourself with a support network
  7. Prepare for setbacks: learn from failures and move on

This blog is all about identifying problems and applying the right solutions. In this case, the problem is that you’re not happy with the way you look and want to do something to change it. Well… now you can.

Perhaps the problem is that you’ve tried many things before but so far nothing has worked out. Or maybe you just don’t know where or how to begin and want to get things right from the outset.

The First Impression Is the Last Impression

Even good looking, intelligent guys are not what you might call eye-candy if they’re as thin as a garden rake. It’s not right—I know—but it’s how things are. It can be a cruel world like that.

It sounds shallow, yet physical appearance does form that all-important first impression. Most people are unaware that they place so much judgment on physique, yet the majority of us do.

It’s like the old adage: There’s never a second chance to make a first impression.

Aghh! Nothing Fits Me!

skinny guy

It wouldn’t be so bad having a scrawny frame if we could dress it up with smart clothes, but we can’t. You know what it’s like. The collar fits but the arms are too short, or if the arms are right the shirt’s too big.

It’s a similar dilemma with trousers. You either have the perfect waist and short legs, or perfect length legs and a baggy waist. And squeezing excess material in with a belt does nothing to enhance one’s physique.

When Enough Is Enough

It’s unacceptable to make fun of overweight folks today, and quite right too. But there seems to be a free-for-all when it comes to ribbing skinny people, especially the underweight male.

“Heck! He’s that thin he could get a job as a mic stand.”

If you’ve had enough of being Mr. Skelator keep reading. If you’ve tried and failed to put on weight and build muscle in the past, this site could change your life forever.

Finding the Right Approach

The problem is often a lack of knowledge, too much information overload, misinformation, or all three. People keep trying the same old approach and guess what? They get the same old outcome.

Albert Einstein once said, and I quote:

“The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Perhaps you can relate? I used to eat fattening foods—and lots of it—but I still couldn’t gain any notable weight. So I ate more of the same but still nothing changed.

Okay, so we’re all human. But that doesn’t mean we all react the exact same way to foods, beverages, supplements, and exercise routines. This is why you need an approach that works for YOU.

It’s the purpose of this blog to help you succeed where all else has failed. The best news of all is that it’s not difficult, at least not when you know what to do. Believe me, I’ve been where you’re at now.

Stick with the Winners Friend

You might not want to become Mr. Beefcake in the gym, but the options there if you do. The initial goal for most skinny guys, though, is to bulk up, gain some muscle, and look heaps better than they do.

My suggestion to you is simple: try not to take advice from anyone who hasn’t been where you are now. They may be well-intentioned, but they can’t relate because they’ve never had your physique.

I, and plenty of others just like me, have transformed our lives. We’ve moved away from that skinny guy once and for all. We’ve developed our own body beautiful—in our own way—from ground zero.


Here’s a quick list on some of the many things we cover on this blog:

  • Adjustments to mindset: how to stop worrying and start doing
  • Get to know yourself from the inside out
  • The importance of minor and major goal setting
  • How to gain weight and build muscles
  • SMART workouts not hard workouts
  • The skinny guys guide to calories
  • What is a healthy weight and why it’s important
  • The best foods for weight gain (this might surprise you)
  • How to take in more calories when you’re full
  • The wonderful world of supplements—cutting through the hype

The list above touches on some of the main topics but don’t let it overwhelm you. Every single article on this site is easy to read, simple to understand, and presented in a no-nonsense format.

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More Haste, Less Speed!

I know it’s a cliché but no one built Rome in a day. I also know that most of you reading here will want to charge in and make as much progress as you can in the shortest time possible. Don’t do it!

A slower approach is the only way to make steady progress. Your mind and body needs to adapt gradually to new changes. Allowing ample time for adjustments will result in faster progress over the longer term.

There’s something you should ask yourself at the end of each day:

“Did I learn or do something today that I didn’t know or do yesterday?

Whenever the answer is yes, you’re always making progress.

Proper Diet is 90% of the Battle

You’re never going to bulk up and tone up by nibbling salads or overeating poor quality junk food. Getting to know your body is also about its reaction to certain foods, beverages, and supplements.

You’re going to form a whole new relationship with food. As you start to bulk up—and you will—you’ll understand the real importance of diet and proper nutrition. The average person never does.

Your new healthy diet will consist of foods from the three main groups at precise amounts. How much you consume from each food group will depend on where you’re at in your program:

From now on, your focus will be on non-processed foods that include:

  1. Quality protein
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Healthy fats and oils

If you failed to put on weight in the past you weren’t eating enough, or enough of the right type of foods. Or perhaps you ate the right foods but in the wrong amounts.

Eating to gain weight and build muscle is little more than a number’s game. Once you learn how to crunch your own numbers you’re well on the way. It’s really rather simple and not some lesson in math 😉

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The Importance of Health & Fitness Logs

You need to keep a food journal as well as a workout log. As you get into a regular routine you won’t need to track your progress with quite so much discipline. At the start, though, keeping detailed logs of diet and workout is crucial. It’s the only way to set the foundation for your progress and achieve goals.

It doesn’t really matter how you keep track of stuff as long as you do and it remains accurate. Once you’ve prepared your meal plan, that first bulking diet log will look something like the mock table below:


sample bulking log

How you keep your logs is up to you. I make suggestions on the site and offer free downloads for those of you who prefer good old fashioned pen and paper. I also provide links and suggestions for special bodybuilding and fitness apps for those who prefer the electronic route.

Either way is fine. Nothing can go unrecorded, not even a light snack. It sounds like a like a lot of hassle, but it’s not. This is actually an enjoyable exercise once you get into it. You’ll start to get a real sense that you’re taking full control of your life at long last. I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful this is going to feel.

How Many Calories Do YOU Need

Working out nutritional values, calories, and all that other stuff is a lot easier than people think. This is all thanks to smart online tools like the IIFYM CALCULATOR and others.

The more you gather this essential data, the more familiar you’ll become with various foods and your body’s reaction to them. There’ll come a point where you’ll intuitively know what to eat, when, and why.

Practice a little patience and persistence in those early days and watch your dreams materialize.

The Easy Does It but DO IT Approach

Most skinny guys never bulk up. It’s not because they can’t, it’s because they don’t know how or they don’t follow through. I can help you with the first point, but the second one is totally down to you.

Making a conscious decision to start something new is the hardest part of any life changing venture. Once you do, though, the rest will follow, of that I can promise. Remember this: starting slow is still a start.

Another point worth remembering is that the real magic takes place outside of usual comfort zones. So c’mon, make a decision and follow it through with positive action—you can do this.

Even a little push today will bring you closer to your goals than you were the day before. Treat the promises you make to yourself with as much importance as the ones you make to other people.


What About the Workouts?

You can’t get an attractive physique with food alone. My workout programs for skinny guys will help you to sculpt the body you’ve always dreamed about, one session at a time.

The types of things my workout plans cover include:

  • Getting started: first day in the gym
  • How to prepare for your workout: warmups
  • How to end your workout: cool downs
  • Frequency: how often
  • Diet: pre and post workout foods
  • The importance of rest
  • Keeping track: your workout log

Your training log will include regular girth and body fat measurements. You also need to keep track of all your workout exercises and routines. These will include type, number of reps, and duration.

There’s something satisfying about seeing progress put down in the written form. And the better your numbers, the more inspired you’ll be to push harder and improve further. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

All workout logs should have your core data noted at the top. This reminds you where you began, where you’re at, and where you’re heading. It will look similar to the sample log below:

workout log

There’s some great ways to log your progress. You can use smartphone apps, online forms, or physical paper logs (my favorite). You’ll find suggestions for all these things in the workout section.

What About the Supplements?


I always tell newbies to NEVER look at supplements as a short cut. There’re no magic bullets found in any bottle. The only surefire way to bulk up and pump those muscles is through commitment and hard work.

Quality supplements do have a place though.  They can help bodybuilder’s performance and thus achieve better results, particularly skinny guys. Some people need more than others, but that’s nothing for now.

Warning! Not all supplements are equal. Some are pretty good, and a few are excellent for certain types of training and person. There are also supplements that are a total waste of good money.

Click Here to Read My Product Reviews

I’ve got an entire section dedicated to dietary supplements, covering everything you need to know. I also update these pages when there’s something new to add, like new discoveries within the industry.

The supplement articles answer all the commonly asked questions like:

  • What is (product name) dietary supplement—exactly?
  • Why should I take it, what will it do?
  • Are these bodybuilding supplements regulated by FDA?
  • Are the supplements you list safe for all people to take?
  • Are there scientific studies to back up the claims of supplements?
  • Others

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I have created this no-nonsense easy-to-follow blog because I know you. Remember, I was that skinny guy once, someone who also struggled to gain weight and build muscle—then I found the answers.

If you’re ready for change, your time has arrived. Welcome to

What’s it to be my friend: One day, or day one? You decide.