This Protein Bar Is The Best For Losing Weight

Are Quest Bars The Best For Weight Loss?

I have a love hate relationship with the quest protein bar. I feel like they are expensive ($2.50 a bar). When I first tried them they were too stiff and the flavor I tried was not too inviting.  

However, that was around the time they first came out. Since then I've had a few more and I'm impressed. 

The chocolate chip cookie dough flavor is amazing. Still kind of stiff but 5 - 10 seconds in the microwave fixes that. 

quest bar chocolate chip cookie dough

I think they have nice macros at 170 calories and 21 grams of protein that's not too shabby. I would love more protein though, the MET-RX protein bar has 32 grams in comparison.

Anyway I love keeping one of these in the car or when I'm at work they are definitely better than eating a candy bar health wise. They don't make me crash like candy does because they don't have much sugar, only 1 gram. 

As far as losing weight with these I think they make a great option.  

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